Monday, December 21, 2009

Tenchu: Fatal Shadows gameshark codes (PS 2)

This is Tenchu: Fatal Shadows gameshark codes that founded at, if you looking for Tenchu: Fatal Shadows for gameshark v.2 (for PS 2) these codes only work with this device.

But if you want to get another kind of gameshark types such as gameshark with Gamecodes Broadband Enabled, Gameshark with Gamecodes with Media Player, Gameshark2 Videogame Enhancer Version 4, Gameshark2 Videogame Enhancer Version 3, you can visit

Well these the gameshark codes for Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (Playstation 2)

[M] Must Be On May 22, 2009
7607A940 00000000
980B8CE6 78D0DE9D
Health May 22, 2009
760A6B60 00000000
2802AA2D 01963EE5
2802AA73 B1B96965
2802AAE0 DB967A7C
Item Use May 22, 2009
7603CD10 00000000
2807D488 0CA57A65
All Items May 22, 2009
76073890 00000000
2816ED40 6FA37A4F
2816EDD8 A19B5CF0
2816EDED 68327A65
280703F7 A1426965
28070354 0C2F1402
One Hit Kill May 22, 2009
76060B20 00000000
28037FE6 B1E86965
28037F51 DB967A7C
Level Select May 22, 2009
76049740 00000000
1841B455 0CA57A56
All Boss Battles May 22, 2009
76038DC0 00000000
28304DA1 0CA5140C
28304D78 6F96883E
28304D03 D83A7AD3
28304DF7 6D6D7A65
All Specials May 22, 2009
76047980 00000000
28419ED6 948C883E
2841B401 948C883E
All Gallery May 22, 2009
76079F30 00000000
4841D265 0CA37A56
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
All Sound Test May 22, 2009
760395D0 00000000
2841D266 0CA57A65
All Movies May 22, 2009
7607FF50 00000000
4841D27C 0C9B7A56
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
1841D266 0CA57A65
0841D2D5 0CA57A65
All Cutscenes May 22, 2009
7606EDF0 00000000
4841D22D 0C267A56
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
0841D255 0CA57A65
All Costumes May 22, 2009
76028CC0 00000000
2841B403 0CA57A65
2841B4A9 0CA57A65
Red Blade May 22, 2009
7600CF40 00000000
283CC92B 6F157A56
4841A15A 0C9B7A3F
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
View MIssion In Level Select For:
All Missions Unlocked May 22, 2009
760749F0 00000000
2816ED03 6F427A56
2816EDF7 F8AA7AF1
2816ED03 686D7A65
283F49B6 0C6DEC02
283F4915 784269F1
283FD21E 0C6D6902
283FD2D4 6F157A71
283FD266 68F17A65
All Missions Completed May 22, 2009
760E2950 00000000
2816ED0C 6F427A6F
2816ED72 F8AA7AF1
2816EDA1 7C6D7A65
283CAF74 0C6DEC02
283CAF66 7842696F

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Friday, December 11, 2009

How to spying computer easily?

Well I never hear this technology before, spying our computer at home? But this technology is well developed and you can try this software easily, all you need to spying own computer or another one is using Computer Spy, it's can help you to watch the targeted PC directly. Do you want to know about the most essential data of your target? Such as all keystrokes. Yeah all keystrokes will be recorded by this software, and the valuable software can brings you password, image, data tracking, etc. Monitoring our employee's activities in the PC is one of many benefits of this tool. Or if you have children at home who like internet so much, you also can monitor their activities, all visited websites will be recorded well. don't worry about any installed spyware, because this spying software that called Nano iBots never detected by spyware. I's means you'll completely undetected after tracking target PC.

This cool computer spy is the latest spying software technology, if you have disappointed by ordinary key loggers, this computer spy software different with key logger, and totally that's true, Nano iBots are high end software called key boot. Computer spy software in USB stick that helps your detective job.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giveaways trip to Japan TGS 2009

Wow this is an awesome chance to go to gamer's paradise, the paradise is The TGS show! What's TGS? That's Tokyo Game show, is it a paradise of gamers allover the world? Off course! I swear you'll be satisfied over there, how to win this trip? Just send Gamespot AU an imagination report of TGS, your role is a reporter, write your report in 50 words or less, and for the first winner not only obtain a free trip to TGS, but also Sony Ericsson Satio, I don't know the detail of this cellphone, but it can be a remote control of your Playstation 3, Ow awesome right? And for the first runner up, you'll get a SonyEricsson Aino, wow it's also a cool gadget, so what you waiting for? Just go to this Url for further information;


Giveaways MAG beta codes from

Get free MAG beta codes from right here right now, I mean not in my blog but in their Twitter update, how to get the exclusive codes? Just follow this steps;

  1. Follow their Twitter account at twitter(dot)com/SonyPlayStation
  2. If they tweet a question, you must reply them with your answer, only for the first 6 peoples.
  3. In every question, will be 6 winners who get MAG beta codes giveaways from them.
  4. They will send the winners a direct message, and the winners will obtain that codes.

Unfortunately this quiz only for US residents, ah come on don't make Playstation gamers outside US dissapointed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Broadband connection in Australia with 99% coverage

I remember when I was 15 years old boy, at this age I know about internet at the fist time, in my little town in Central Java province Indonesia, it was about 8 years ago Indonesia only has dialup connection, and maybe in Australia or another developed countries broadband connection is ready to roll, I want to browse Yahoo search in dialup internet cafe, am I succeed to browse Yahoo search? Yeah but after 5 minutes waiting and waiting, oh my God. Forget the Facebook or another recent social networks, and finally today we must say thank you to broadband technology that bring us the best education, entertainment, or today's news at home quickly, and the next question is where we can rely our mobile internet connection when we go to Australia?

Because today internet is not only at home. We need the most trusted mobile broadband provider in Australia, and I will recommend you to get mobile broadband plans with BroadbandExpert, why we choose BroadbandExpert? Yeah because BroadbandExpert has 99% coverage in Australia, broadband speed on the move, and the most important point for customer who didn't want to get headache is BroadbandExpert can be installed easily. Do you want to test the speed? They also provide it for you, just go to their internet speed test tool, is it cool huh? This tool can test your internet speed accurately, test your connection at

Thursday, September 10, 2009

XBOX game code giveaways from xboxhornet

This is XBOX game codes (cheat) giveaways not free XBOX console, so don't let your wrong perception stuck in your head LOL.. offering massive XBOX game codes for you, but you must follow them at Twitter, each XBOXhornet authors will give XBOX game codes for free after you follow them. But don't trust them easily, there are thousand of chances in the internet to spreading scam opportunities.

But if you're interested with this offer, you can go to

Here's the game codes list;

600 Microsoft points – donated by XboxHornet
Drum Kit codes – donated by Smokin Skull follow thebigdaddio on twitter
Nebulon codes – donated by Dark Omen Games follow them on twitter
Mega App Pack code – donated by Wastedseconds follow them on twitter
Hexothermic codes – donated by David Webb
Cocktail Paradise codes – donated by Kitt1e2009 follower her on twitter
Shiatsu Massage codes – donated by Kitt1e2009 follower her on twitter
Dr Popper codes – donated by Billreiss follow him on twitter

and another game cheats.

15% off coupon code in game console deals

Wow I found a coupon code to purchase game consoles you want at online store, 15 % with this coupon codes, interested huh? Let's check and you'll find it, pretty cool huh? 15% off when you use this coupon to buy Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 , PSP 3000, Nintendo DS Consoles and another game consoles or accessories.

Here is the discounted item list;

* XBOX 360 Pro 60GB $299 $212.49
* XBOX 360 Elite 120GB Black $399 $254.99
* XBOX 360 Arcade + 5 Games $199 $169.99
* PS3 Slim 120GB $299.99 $284.99
* Nintendo Wii $249 $225
* PSP 3000 Slim $170 $144.49
* PSP 2000 $144.49
* PSP-3000 Rock Band Unplugged Bundle $170
* Nintendo DSi Black | Blue $144.49

Friday, September 4, 2009

Data recovery for Mac

In 2007 my father lost the employee biography data of his office, and this is not the first time he makes this kind of mistake, actually he is careless enough if he meet an electronic device. How to fix this problem, Oh my God! I have no idea at that time, then a computer technician come to me and asking for help, for an hour I'm waiting and unfortunately he can do nothing with that hard disk, he recommend me to contact a repair service corporation that has some dedicated technicians called Data Recovery Group, they're the expert in data recovery. Yeah you know they are trying hard to fix that office's data in my father's Mac. I hope my father won't lost the data anymore, talk about DRG they have some pro in Mac data recovery.

At first time I guess if the data has been deleted for too long time, the technician difficult to recover it back, even the pro one. But thanks God, I contact DRG as soon as possible, so my father get back the data quickly. By the way actually I have data recovery software, but I'm afraid I can't use it correctly. But there is the badder problem than losing data on hard disk, what's that? When we lost server data, wow this is the biggest problem an office made. The solution is server data recovery, DRG also can handle it well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blank DVD-R brand that you must know

Today when we looking for the simple and easy tool to save our digital media, we almost forgot a classic digital storage that in fact it has better durability and stability, I like to talk about durability of all tools related with my PC. OK back to classic but strong digital storage, do your PC ready for DVD ROM technology? Actually DVD is recent CD technology that has ability to handle huge sized file such as 3D PC games that need extra gigs disk spaces. But there is a problem when we use DVD-R for digital file storage, common problem of people who use DVD-R is they don't know what's the best blank DVD to save their files, is it a really big problem? Yeah off course only with the best blank DVD-R we can make sure the files gonna be OK, with no crashed files, or loosing important data, we love the durability so much, so don't choose blank DVD-R without recommendation, well don't worry about it, because I want to recommend a durable blank DVD-R brand, what's that? The best brand in blank DVD-R is Taiyo Yuden, they also release Taiyo Yuden blank CD-R too.

Do you know that Taiyo Yuden is premium manufacturer in blank DVD-R technology? You will found no crashed or corrupt files anymore in your important data, so let Taiyo Yuden DVD-R save your data and you can rely the durability and stability, then you can sleep well. Do you ever wonder premium DVD-R brand can save your life? Yeah I mean it. Let's find the most recommended DVD-R Taiyo Yuden with the best price at that store.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Video game product catalog and buy item with CC

Hi Oh My God! I almost forgeting this blog, I have some blog with self hosted wordpress so I'm sorry if I almost forget this blog. What's new here? Yeah I've bring you something new in shooping attitude, do you looking for a video game shop that bring you all consoles and off course in multiple platform, not only Wii or Playstation. But there is full access to whole game items category and if you wanna purchase any video game item, you just use your credit card safely and quickly, ready for our new video game store? Go to video game product catalog. Pretty cool shopping place right?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free game; Fashion Finder - Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition

True trendspotter who's been hired by a well-known fashion magazine, he is Fashion Finder. Help Abbie revitalize the magazine's "Trendspotting" section by snapping photos that highlight the current trends. From the streets to the runway, New York City is full of fashion. The only trouble is it's not always that easy to find. Sometimes the hottest new looks behind the characters. This puzzle game is perfect for puzzle and simulation game freaks.

Free download Fashion Finder - Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition go to this link;

Monday, July 6, 2009

RF online cheats updated; add gold and cp

Let's follow these steps to use this cheat, cheat formed in a file that you must download it first;

Step 1—Turn off firewall and antivirus(es) because this cheats won't be loaded well if both apps turned on.
Step 2 —Download this cheats' file >>> Cheat RF-Indo. at

Step 3 —Unrar the file.

Step 4 —Open the folder and install “Cheat RF.exe” and if you look this notice “RF Online Cheat already running…” it means your cheat successfully loaded.

Step 5 —And run Rf Launcher,login and open bank and save much much money to your deposit and open chat box and type %upd_rate 1 then alt and hit enter.

Step 6 —Please wait an hour without disconnect time.

also try this another codes;

Set Exp Rate : %exp_rate #
Set PT Rate : %expert_rate #
Set item drop rate : %itemdrop_rate #
Set delay : %no delay
Set Visible : %visible #
Set Update Bank : %upd_rate #
Note !!!:
# :Variable
to set visible “#” can replaced with 1 for visible mode and 0 for invisible mode.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free XBOX 360? Please be careful

Hi there I found a website that offer free XBOX 360 for all of their visitors, for more detail about this requirements, you can visit But be careful please, if they asking your CC number, or maybe they provide a form for logon to your Paypal account, please don't follow their instructions easily, why? Because they don't have good reputation yet. Actually they're a free gift site, and I never join any gift site before, so you must ask your friend who know more about gift sites, especially if they know more about this free gift site that offering free XBOX 360. I think they will write down so many requirements for this, so I'am not interested with any gift sites, I think if you want XBOX 360 buy it, don't waste your time in front of your monitor.

This blockquote is Q&A taken from that free gift site;

What Makes Us Different?
No misleading or complicated requirements

* We are 100% up front with the requirements of getting a free gift.
Unlike many free gift sites, we don't create confusing hoops to
jump through or put requirements in fine print. Our requirements
are simple and straight forward.

* We don't ask you to complete unnecessary surveys or sign up for
promotions which do not contribute to you getting your free gift.

Protecting your privacy

* NO Spam. Your information is used solely for email communication
and shipping your free gift. We do not sell your information to
third parties.

Click here to view our privacy policy

Offer selection

* We have two to three times the selection of advertiser offers of
most free gift sites making it even easier to get your free gift.

Click here for a list of our current offers


* We take pride in having fast, helpful customer service and we
don't use automated emails to reply to your questions.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

File Extension QPW

For accountant, Ms Excel is powerful tool to make them looks professional and enhance their positive images, so Excel is common application in financial industry, Excel is the best and the easiest application that can help you to accounting and managing all financial data, Excel is the most successful spreadsheet application that many people use allover the planet, not only for accountant this application built, but Excel also easy to applied in home financial management, if you want to learn more about Excel you must know more about file extension QPW, what’s that? That’s Quattro Pro for Windows, file extension QPW created to build a spreadsheet application such as Excel, this is the standard for spreadsheet application making guys, then please remember if you’re a person with small knowledge about file extension QPW, don’t edit this file for any reason.

If you meet an error in your spreadsheet application, let’s go to the professional, because so many difficulties and complicity inside will frustrate you and that’s a nightmare for you. I remember when in junior high school 8 years ago, first spreadsheet application that I learn it even not well is Lotus, Lotus more complicated than Excel of course, this application is commonly used 8 years ago in Indonesia, no body doubt that all DOS based application which is text based applications very difficult and all people who want to learn DOS apps need more than three years to use it well, OK back to file extension QPW, actually I also need a master to learn it perfectly.

Sword of Mana GBA gameshark codes

Looking for Sword of Mana GBA gameshark code? Ok these are the gameshark codes from all item to all weapon, very useful for you, but I can't get the infinitive health code, it's OK don't worry about these codes, because I'd test them all, here we go;

Master Code [North America]

Master Code ( Must be on at all time for codes to work )


All Enemy Data [North America]

All Enemy Data


Master Code [North America]


Have all Weopens, Magic and Items [North America]

Have all Weopens


Have all Magic


Have all Items


Have all Accessories


Have all Cards


Reveal Map [North America]

Reveal Map


Saturday, May 30, 2009

File Extension DAP

Do you like to download software in the internet? What you can do if you can't download so many software quickly and you don't wanna be patient at that time, but don't worry about this, there are feature in latest computer technology to increasing download speed, and it makes us happy of course, downloading huge file only in couple of minutes, but how we can get that, and in fact some internet surfer don't understand with this kind of important software. Nowadays download manager is common feature for internet surfing for fast downloading, but in internet cafes allover Indonesia which is my country, that software is rare, and I think Firefox has substitute it, because this browser has a similar feature which is built in and already to be used,

Actually I want to give you tips when you says "what I gonna do, my download accelerator
going down", maybe it crashed by virus but you must calm down, there are some online services can will help you completely until this problem well solved, your file extension DAP is the point of this problem, for example problem is if your file incomplete downloaded and you only got a broken file, it won't happened if you use accelerator. Download accelerator makes your incomplete file converted to file extension DAP, and you can resume download next time, even next day. File extension DAP is temporary file, so please resume it as soon as possible, I think if you always postpone to resume, the file will be really broken.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Most recommended GBA ROMS (games)

Hi I just wanna tell you most recommended GBA ROMS or games, if you have download the emulator, congratulation! Now you done the best way to enjoy GBA console without buy it, LOL! Yeah you're illegal person now ahaha just kidding, OK what's the most recommended GBA ROMS? Wel I like these RPG and simulation games; Harvest Moon; Friends of nature, Sword of Mana, and Legend of zelda link to the past, that's great ROMS for you, all retro game's lovers. Coming to Game reviews homepage.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Emulator downloads are illegal, but... I enjoy it too (LOL)

Hi do you ever download emulator of a game console?? Yeah I do. But in fact emulator download websites are illegal, and off course the emulators are "more" illegal, if you wanna enjoy a game console, you must buy the engine, don't download the emulator. The bad habit of ours is "if there are a freebie, why we must buy?". And yeah you know, I also download Visual Boy Advance for Gameboy console, that's embarrassing but I must confess it. I love to play Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town, it's very retro and maybe classic.

In fact all emulator download websites well indexed in Google SERP, so what we can say? Indirectly Google allow the Goddamn piracy hehe..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

File Extension SAV Problem Solver

I think if you wanna be a master of computer, you already to know about this issue. What's issue? Not only for master, but also photoshoper must know about this, what's that? Oh come on, if you're always looking for cool graphics from so many websites, and save them in your PC, be careful! don't forget there are some viruses able to united with image files. What you gonna do if a virus infecting your image file, and unfortunately it's attack some files that you didn't know the function, even the format. This problem is kind of bad luck for PC's owner, but will helps you with their file extension SAV.

They already provide all tools you need for free. Daemon Tools Pro Disk Image from is perfect solver for this problem, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-10 compressed executable binary file, Free Download Manager Data, Interactive Data Language file, SPSS database file and the executable file Wikipedia. These tools are the powerful one, for further information about file extension SAV you can contact them.

Don't worry about their software, software that called Driver Cure easily and readily to use for all people including you with quick process. Check the instruction step by step in This software is suitable for all Windows including Vista. Prepare your PC for free scan. I hope your PC will be fine, and ready to help you in Photoshop activity anymore. File Extension SAV offered by them also got some testimonials from the expert.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Legend of Han Tao -- in 3D!

Well, well ... you can remove the glasses of red and blue. The video above (which are after the break) are not, we admit, in 3D. Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao is. Not as in "polygon", but honest to goodness 3D - provided you have the proper equipment.

Blitz Arcade Namco Bandai demonstrations was released XBLA / PSN title yesterday in a Samsung DLP 3D can display the results when used with polarized glasses. Although the game was more or less exactly what we played at New York Comic-Con, it is superficially profound. The effect of work, even with glasses on the loan beautiful scenes of clarity, while a good job of defining the foreground / background clearance between the aircraft crosses.

Our main flu - except that the only way to work in television - is it really seems that nothing more than a novelty. Although strong, the game was robbed of color and detail, leaving behind what we remember from the old Sega "holographic" arcade games. Blitz Arcade applauded for trying something different, even if we are simply glad that this is not the only way to play this beat-'em-up style.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

File Extension 2 problem solver

When somebody said computer is the greatest thing that human ever made, they're true but sometimes there are problems occur with our personal computer, and what can we do next time if we need to use it for doing our work? In fact computer has helped us in many business and professions. Do you know all about your computer's hardware and software and how to fix them when error occur? I'm not LOL, so what we can do?

Do you know that our PC needs some files named File Extension 2 or the system won't running. The file extension 2 is an obscured one associated with seven different programs, so this is very important for your PC's system, some of these files need verification in computer system. But if our computer based on Windows usually can't open file extension even you try it hardly. Please don't cry if you got this problem, it can happens because there are corrupted registry files in our Windows registry. And remember this point, one important of many thing in your Windows OS is windows registry. File Extension 2 isn't a creepy thing anymore. perfect website that offer a problem solver for this case. If you visit this website you'll get so many information about File Extension 2, about how it actually works and how to solve the problem that mentioned above in computer system. Visit the website, and read how to get help from them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wii Sports Resort out in Japan next month, July will overseas

Satoru Iwata has announced both Japanese and Western release windows for Wii Sports Resort, and thus we can assume for the required MotionPlus peripheral as well. The Nintendo president named Wii Sports Resort as a measure to combat the Japanese Wii market's current slowdown (a situation he described as "the most unhealthy situation since its launch in Japan.")

The sequel to the Wii launch title will be out in Japan this June, with an "overseas" release the following month, according to Reuters' account of statements made at a lunch meeting. No pricing was announced. The July release is completely in line with the rumored European date called "rumor and speculation" by NoE. He denied that Nintendo would cut Wii prices in order to increase sales, saying, price cuts would generate significant fresh demand. But video games are just not that kind of product. Yaps this event also will be interesting if we visit it together with our friend and family who freaks in game, but I think non Japan game must sign in this extraordinary event guys, because some of game also made in America, such as Capcom America.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Preview game X-Men Origins: Wolverine (hardcore)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS)
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
To be released: May 1, 2009

Did you know what Raven Software was already working on a Wolverine game before they were approached to produce a tie-in with the upcoming Origins movie? In this respect, Raven has definitely succeeded. One of the first tings players learn to do is the "lunge." This ability does for Wolverine what web-swinging did for the more recent Spider-Man games, in that Raven has latched onto an unmistakable character trait and reproduced it flawlessly in an interactive medium.

By simply selecting a target with the L button and lunging with the R button, Logan can cross huge distances, pouncing on his enemies and leaving them grounded to do with as he wishes. The team working on Wolverine are huge fans of the iconic X-Men character, and they had already set out to produce a game that truly captured the feeling of being everyone's favorite adamantium-enhanced mutant.

Once a player has lunged, they will be able to stay on the enemy and slice him up with the X button or leap in the air for a powerful stab move with Y. These moves can be executed flawlessly with good timing, allowing Wolverine to lunge, kick himself off his target and then come down with a heavy stab with a perfectly flowing attack. Lunging is also a great way to cross wide chasms, and there are some terrific action sequences later in the game with Wolverine leaping from boats or trucks, cutting his way through the vehicle's passengers before jumping onto the next one.

While lunging is the bread and butter, Raven has not skimped on other forms of combat. Logan can also get up and close with a very simple, yet surprisingly deep, combat system. Combos are very easy to perform, with simple presses of the X and Y buttons, but the use of context can make for some very inventive kills. For instance, if an enemy is airborne, Logan will be able to punch them out of the air with Y, while pressing the same button on a grounded enemy simply launches a strong claw attack. Attacks are based on the positions of Logan and his enemies, and attacking them in different states yields different results.

Wolverine is also able to grab enemies with the B button, and from there can either punch, throw or finish them off. Finishers become very useful for dealing with tougher, more lunge-resistant enemies, and is once again a simple affair. In addition, Wolverine will be able to find and collect Mutagens throughout the game, which are based somewhat on the Plasmids from BioShock. Assigning a Mutagen to one of three potential slots will imbue Logan with extra powers, such as boosted EXP gain, or stronger attack power when near death.

Logan will unlock extra moves as he collects experience points from the enemies he fights, and players can also assign skill points to various attributes, as is typical of nearly all action games these days. Simply hold down Y and watch Logan's claws slowly extend. Once they extend long enough, they'll flash and you simply press an attack button at the right moment to watch a viciously devastating finishing move. Yap I think totally this game is very full of violence and gore but God of War still badder than this game LOL, OK I'm a 21 years old and don't worry about my mom will aware me to stay away from this game, so just enjoy this game, I like Wolverine very much, he's a legend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First step to choose webhosting

If somebody out there confused with a question "How to make this website?" when they look a nice and interactive website on their browser, meanwhile the webmaster just laughing and makes it like a mystery. Then my friend ask me "May I make a personal website?", actually many of friends will wrote diary and notes daily about their views and opinions, but in this year of technology, is it true if they satisfied with their diary in a book? I don't think so. Not only my friends but also I knew a lawyer who choose personal website to be his cyber office. I like this, but they felt we promoted his web for individual and professional purpose, wow I'm not lie about this, personal website for professional purpose is effective for promoting his skill, but how to "place" that website and wait for visitor? Webhosting can handle it well.

And the best way to looking for best web hosting you need is read all review on WebHostingGeeks , yap they are consist of some professional person in this business. There are complete list of webhosting service provider that have worldwide quality, I really surprised and excited. He got valued for his site through this service, You'll need webhosting independent review like this website offered. They provides many options for us to pick any type of webhosting, did you need multiple domain hosting? There are some webhosting types that perfect for your website plan. Excellent service is their mission towards the goal of satisfy customer in a quality and professional service.

Free Download FF XII Revenant Wings

Hi I got this info from my neighbor blog; LOL Do you missing Final Fantasy XII? Me too, I want to tell you about a Nintendo DS game taken from FF XII, and I think this is the sequel form it's game in PS One, you can download this game for free, because this is freeware and fresh from the oven, but if you wanna DL this game with Internet Explorer it will take a long time, but unfortunately this game downloaded with IE browser only, Download URL here;

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tips to find job online

How to find job online on the net? Do you have imagine that? Yaps looking for job through internet is easy and it becomes trend right now. Because looking for job with that way easier than in the real world, so we must find the best way to do this, I have a tips to find perfect job for you, search engine is the easy way to do this, but what you will do if you can't find it, even you tried some popular search engines, It requires time and effort to sift through the available information to help you find your job online. Well I got information from my friend about different search engine that everybody must try.

Yes, that's find(dot)com a simple search engine that will help you to find more job online and if you get problem a with your job, sometimes you must do some jobs that you can't handle it with limited resource. A few shortcuts done and implemented properly and a good job search engine maybe will help you to get success. Nice search engine with simplicity, that's the special points of find(dot)com search engine, all online information about jobs information commonly known as job board, is a website that facilitates job hunting.

Don't worry if you wanna looking for another information, with find(dot)com you can get more than just job opportunities, while searching job opportunities, you can surf politic, finance, arts, humanity information etc. They are unique, because they ask you to "find" not to "search" ha ha, you can advertise on that search engine. But when finding a info you must be careful because some of bad sites on result pages sometimes unfiltered, and please be wise and careful, that's the tips from me. Especially if you looking for job because some fake job sites sometimes indexed.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Retirement early planning

Yeah it's true if you wanna spend your retire age with happiness, you need early planning, right? It means planning your future too, if you don't have any work to do, you'll absolutely need the early planning for your retirement, I swear. What you must to do when you reach your retire time. Early planning will avoid some problems that moving closer to you. We can take the example, financial problem. More detail problem is how you get money to get your primary needs, don't be confused because of your retirement. This can’t you let happen. And how to plan your best retirement?

You need some financial help to do this, I offer you the reverse mortgages. Why reverse mortgage? Because it can helps you as money source to substitute your working time before retired. Now retirement is easy to planned early, you never get any financial problem that may can't "kills" you in you retirement day. And don't worry if you get health problem, medicare supplemental insurance also available on, this medical insurance is very important to help you when enjoying your retirement day, they will do the best treatment for you, trust me. Well I offer you 2 valuable services to today, so what you waiting for? Retirement early planning is more than just planning if you do this right now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

FF XIII update 3; More Final Fantasy XIII characters revealed

Yeah it's true I got this info from Squaresoft showing 3 more characters, this is the details;

This is the guy with the spikey blond hair who looks somewhat like Final Fantasy X's Wakka.

Lebro is the character with the impossibly low cut shirt that you'd never wear for a battle unless you were trying to win by distracting your enemies. She's the only female member of the team and is said to be strong-willed, but kind.

Ths is the guy with short blond hair, goggles, and what appears to be a Chicago Cubs jacket. Yes, it's a "he." Markie is somewhat timid, but is said to be a fine member of Nora.

But unfortunately that names not for official Final Fantasy XIII game, commonly Japanese version different with international version. Read more detail about them on

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Lifelock promotion code here

Yeah if you felt tired and confused with online businessmen who offer their products via spam mail, and send it to your mailbox, I will tell you a tips to solve this problem. You can try Lifelock service, this service preventing and avoiding your identity theft. What's relation between spam mail and Lifelock? Well Lifelock makes your identity safe, including your email address and your other identity on the cyberspace also will be safe. This is done by taking your name off the lists. if you haven't got your lifelock promotion code till now, this is the time to do it.

We happy to tell you more information about Lifelock, they offering discount on their identity theft protection service. Yeah it's true, it will be great information for you who interested with this service, with Lifelock promotion code you can easily get their valuable service, even you only have limited money. Just visit to get the discount code and all the information you need. Don't worry if you feel unsatisfied with the service, you'll get a big compensation.

What you waiting for? Many customers feel satisfied with Lifelock, and you must sign up this service too, because in 2009 cyberspace crimes increased significantly, such as email spamming like mentioned above, carding, scam online MLM, etc. These crimes happened because the victim's identity has been theft. And the most important point in their service is LifeLock will guarantee your identity up to $1,000,000. It will be great for you. Let's reduce your spam and junk mail, actually I hate these kind of cyberspace crimes so much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

I got info about game entitled Wanted: Weapons of Fate from gamespot. Yeah I think this game is very cool and the movie also good enough, but I don't like the simplicities.

At any given moment in the upcoming Wanted: Weapons of Fate, you're either firing a gun, stabbing someone in the (choose one: neck/face/chest), or running for cover. For all of the visual flair and stylish violence that was found in last year's blockbuster on which Weapons of Fate is based, the video game is looking to amp things up with a bullet-ridden sneer. Yesterday, we had a chance to try out an updated build of the game, and our opinion hasn't changed since our last look at it back in early December: Weapons of Fate is looking like much more than a lame movie cash-in.

The demo that we saw skipped across several levels in the game and featured both Wesley (the main character from the Wanted film) and his father Cross as playable characters. As producers told us, though the Wanted film focused mostly on the relationship between Wesley and Cross, the game's plot centers around Wesley and the search for his mother. The first section of the game that we were shown featured a cutscene between Cross and Sloan (the leader of the so-called Fraternity, a group of assassins of which both Cross and Wesley are members) and explained the rift between the two characters.


Friday, February 6, 2009

How to host my gaming blog?

Today I got email from my friend who lived in other country, asking me how to host his gaming blog, Phew actually I'm not a webmaster or web expert, I still a newbie so please guess what I will do to help him? I'm looking for a best web hosting service that my "online master" told it to me last month. Yeah I got it, I'm happy because I can help my friend to host his game blog with Wordpress at best web hosting I recommended. When you looking for hosting service for your valuable blog, don't host your blog at untrusted blog hosting service, please ask your friend who knows about blog hosting better than you, in fact we not only need hosting service for blog but also another interesting platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, and Textpattern. But I think Joomla web hosting has similar specification with Wordpress hosting, but please make sure of it or my "online master" which is webhostingrating(dot)com will help you.

After his gaming blog successfully installed, he looks very satisfied because he never disappointing his blog visitor anymore, yeah his previous hosting service makes him crazy, because their server always on downline 2 hours a day, then I know the reason why he move that blog. Do not worry if you're a new blogger who want to feel how to manage self hosted blog, best hosting service commonly offer domain registration for you, with Top Level Domain such as .com .net .org .info etc. And if you have high traffic after your blog popular, you must check your bandwidth and make sure that it can handles your blog traffic, but you can upgrade your hosting service to unlimited bandwidth, it means you must spend more money for it, please consider it carefully.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

GPS tracking for luxury car

When in some other countries, motorcycle robing is very popular. How about car robing, in Indonesia car robing is more popular than motorcycle, especially luxury car such as Mercy or another big brands, for luxury car owner I will give you best suggestion to avoid your car robbed. If anybody suggesting you to go to shaman and ask him to tell his vision about your car, what? This is 2009 guys, I will suggesting you something techie.

Do you ever heard GPS tracking? Sometimes if I heard somebody talking about GPS tracking, I’ve ever thought about something expensive, oh really? Actually this is best way to track your car easily. GPS Tracker tool is modern device and most popular method to do this mission. But I still don’t understand, why this technology still strange for somebody out there?

This device also perfect for luxury car rentals. Trust me, this GPS tracking tool can be applied and worked efficiently, accurately and effectively. Whatever type of rental you have, managing everything you have in your inventory can be a time consuming task to say the least, so with this tool you can managing it when you enjoy your vacation. There are various kind of this useful tool, you can choose the best type that perfect for your purpose. It's amazing, one of these GPS tracking tools is bigger than a pen.

Harvest Moon Innocent Life; one step to future (2)

Hmm.. this game actually not PS2 new game, but I always interesting with this one, why? Because not only the existence of rambutan on it, but also Harvest Moon always makes me happy, become a farmer is my father's job, and I think farmer is a valuable job especially in agriculture country like Indonesia, and Harvest Moon is the best simulation game, I love this game until Innocent Life launched, what the concept on the next Harvest Moon? I don't know yet. Do you know the next Harvest Moon game concept? Please share with us here.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Do you need fresh cash today?

When someday you get immediately financial solving, when you need important item which valuable for your job, in fact you have insufficient money. I think you must looking for miracle to help you in this situation ha ha just kidding, wanna get the cash money which you need? No need any miracle, but you need payday loans. Perfect cash advance payday loan is available, to help all of you, whatever your color, race, nationality, etc. They will help people who in that situation. Just visit this site today, to see what help that they can give to you.

Everybody want to Get Cash with Easy and Simple step, I swear you only need to do this three step: one, you must complete cash advance form that 100% was online process, two, you must obtain your loan approval shortly after completing step two, and three, on the next business day your funds are available. They have great service huh? Yeah I think so. Just visit this website today.

Trust me if they are quick cash advance loan online that cheaper, easy, and simple. Let's contact their information center for more complete information. Do you need solution for you financial situation, such as if you didn't have money to buy important item to do your job, just use easy and fast cash personal loans on the net. They always ready to help you anytime you want. Don't block your better future.

Credit repair by NoDebtToday

Are you confused with your debt? Some people actually have more than one debt. Do you believe that if you have debt will help your financial problems? I'll answer "yes it will" because by debts, they could buy their daily needs, pay land rent, and else. Debts give people happiness. However many people have a problem because of debt. Their own mistake usually makes that problem. They don’t return the payment well or on time. What's the problem? Usually about having calls from the debt publishers or lenders. The debt collectors want to meet us all day and other disturb that make them stressful. Did we can handle this problem? Nodebttoday offer services to handle this problem clearly, including credit repair.

Nodebttoday can help people to solve their financial problem and get the debt settlement from their credit card. What ever how many debts you have, they will helping us to consolidate the debt. They will talk to the lenders about the payment rescheduling, discounts and others. Do you doubt with them? NO! They have so many satisfied clients whom helped by them. This is both easy and best way to get debt settlement in 2009.

How to get insurance portal

Actually when somebody worry about their life, or if they're person who got many phobias, they must have life insurance, come on guys this is 2009, there are no reason to doubting life insurance quotes. There are many benefits you can gain from having the insurance, whatever you’re insurance and the insurance company. If you join insurance, you can claim some money to the insurance company if you got some accidents or disaster, but it doesn't means hoping you got any disaster :D. That money can help you to rise up such as pay the treatment bill after the bad moments.

I don't know why disasters always face our life year by year, maybe this is end of human era? No.. We never hope so. Well we talk about home insurance again, in 2009 you can rely on your home insurance. If you don’t know or still don’t understand about the benefit of the insurance, you can get the right information about the usage of the insurance on the internet. Many website will help you about that. You can easily get good insurance rates information. There are website that can help you to get the best insurance rates. You can get it online.

And you will find so many website offer competitive price for your insurance. The most important step is you must read some insurance articles to improve your knowledge about insurance. More insurance information will give you more benefits of it, read the TOS in the official website is important.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Resident Evil 5; The creator hates it

This game makes Shinji MIkami as the creator being stress, he said that RE 5 is similar with RE 4, and he really really hate it because this point, similar tricks, walkthrough and gameplay absolutely make all gamer who love this game being bored, even the creator himself, but I don't know why, if Shinji don't wanna finish RE 5, but in fact this game launched softly in Japan and US, what's Shinji role in RE 5 making? Where's he? This issue also makes me stress, come on there are anybody out there wanna explain about this?

I hate static storyline too, I swear! Capcom creativity must be increased I think, they need long time experience to create next Resident Evil, short production process can kills them, imagine if next RE launched with similar walkthrough and gameplay with the prequel, I guess that so many gamers will stay away form Capcom's game not only from Resident Evil. Thanks for coming to game reviews.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nouveau Riche scam? really?

When anybody browsing the net, sometimes they found a website that told them some celebrities who have been popular and rich because they are hard worker. So many years these celebrities spent their day and night to improve their skills, and also so many fans hoping they can reach what the celebrities got, such as their successful real estate business. But irresponsible person used this issue only for their wallets.

Well maybe these irresponsible person are excelling in the real estate business. But a popular company like Nouveau Riche that so many businessman trust with it, potentially become a scam company, is that true? Actually I can't answer this question. On a website that write this article, they have been giving warnings to people because there have been Nouveau Riche University Scam, which has been penetrating the real estate business. This Nouveau Riche University Scam has been perpetrating a real estate scam that you weren’t aware of. That is why articles about this Nouveau Riche Scam is important, so that people may be prepared and ready to avoid this kind of scam.

Actually to be rich and popular is very hard nowadays. There are many people who has been really making some fatal moves to fooling other people to be rich. Please trust me, any body there have been saying lies to make people believe and be trapped in different kinds of scams. In fact I can't decide it's true or not?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking for driver software

Hi friends, do you looking for driver software of your printer? actually sometimes if anybody need this software, first they will ask their friend who have experience about this problem, but I prefer looking for it on the net, rather than asking my friends, why? because so many resources there. I have HP printer since 3 years ago and yesterday I got problem with the driver software, so as soon as possible I looking for HP drivers by downloading on the net, and if I can't get it on the net, I will ask my friend, hey fortunately I got the driver software on driverssoftware[dot]com easily and quickly, wow that's very makes me happy, because I don't need to ask my friends after that.

When exploring this website I can find so many driver softwares, not only for HP, but also dell drivers, epson drivers, and many more drivers, and they also offer controller drivers, mouse and keyboard drivers, camera drivers, modem drivers, scanner drivers etc. Please don't be confused with driver softwares of your hardwares, driverssoftware[dot]com will help you to fix this problem. Asking your friends is not an option, and driverssoftware[dot]com is the answer. Most popular driver on the website is HP drivers, then many other printer drivers on the next position.

Dreamhost free hosting

Do you know that Dreamhost launch their free web hosting, but only some CMS that you can install on it, but don't worry about it, because Dreamhost have good and strong web server, and you'll get free hosting service, and you can install Wordpress engine, Drupal, PHPBB, and many more CMS guys. OK let go this link; and enjoy your hosting service, oh alsmost forgot, you'll need invitation code please go to

This is free review guys.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spying with GPS tracking

My friend imagine if he's a spy who hired by CIA and ordered to spying an international criminal, then I waking him up and said "Be real guys!", actually his imagination is so high, he's little bit angry with me. Then I ask him if he want to be a spy, he needs some useful gadgets such as GPS tracking tool, in fact he doesn't have pepper spray at home, how he can be a spy? Maybe this story also happened in your life.

When a spy do his/her job, they need gadgets to help them when get a problem, such as if anybody stealing valuable spy's car, what can they do? Meanwhile important document in that car, and the spy never know where's that stolen car, how to tracking that car if the spy don't has any right gadgets to help them on this problem, they need GPS tracking device to track it clearly and quickly, what's GPS? It means Global Positioning System, actually GPS tool is commonly used in developed countries to tracking company's car, private car, even a unfaithful man whom his wife hire an investigator to track where's he.

In developing countries, their people not really need device like GPS tracking tool because it's not cheap tool, only big corporations need this thing, but if you are become a private investigator, private detective, or a spy, you need this tool for your best result in your job. I found it only for 199.95 $ on the net, not so expensive huh?

Harvest Moon Innocent Life; one step to future (1)

Hi do you ever play newest Harvest Moon game titled Innocent Life? Actually this game's title is Innocent Life; a Futuristic Harvest Moon, I think this game is contains too many futuristic stuff, and you know? The main character whom you play him is a robot, but the most weird thing that makes me curious is why in futuristic setting, there are still some ruins exist? Little bit nonsense right?

But there are something interesting in this game, what is that? A tropical fruit from my country Indonesia exist in the Innocent Life world, that is rambutan! By the way, sorry to be continued guys, back to game reviews home.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Direct tv for your family

Hi friends today I want to share about a direct tv service that always satisfying their subscribers with high quality service, for our family direct tv is very important because with direct tv, we can choose useful, good, and appropriate channels only, especially for children, some educating programs also available there. Actually I still watching broadcast tv which is free service, but I can't filter where's the good channel, and where's the bad one, so direct tv is the perfect solution.

Don't let your children watching inappropriate tv program, with direct tv service we can help them to provide high quality tv programs, and the most important is high quality education programs. In 2009 education not only at school, but also at home with fun, relax and more interactive. DirecTV very care about this issue, they're a great direct tv service that providing high quality channel including sport channel such as NFL, and other specific channels.

DirecTV use satellite system to digital DVR recording with amazing High Definition HD TV, DIRECT SAT TV is your top source for the best satellite technology available for DirecTV Satellite service. And don't worry about the channel, DirectTV offers over 265 various channels and will have over 135 HD Channels. Get DirecTV deals and provide your family with great entertaining and educating tv programs, with right price DirecTV offer you satisfied packages.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

God of War III; will be more violence or not?

When you looking for the trailer of this game on Youtube, you won't get the satisfied one, because the trailer still released view months ago at E3, some of trailers only GoW II trailers and just photo slides not in video format at all. And the violence that inappropriate for children will still show up on this 3rd game, the creator; Cory Barlog has good imagination to developing the storyline, but I don't know how about the game play?

If Mr Barlog add more violence on it, this game absolutely not for children at all, so if you're parent who have child, please increase your awareness, and always accompany your child when plays Playstation 3, never let your child to plays God of War (all series). I swear not only contains violence but also soft nudity on almost every scenes. By the way this game's subtitle is Chains of Olympus, and go to game reviews.

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