Sunday, January 4, 2009

God of War III; will be more violence or not?

When you looking for the trailer of this game on Youtube, you won't get the satisfied one, because the trailer still released view months ago at E3, some of trailers only GoW II trailers and just photo slides not in video format at all. And the violence that inappropriate for children will still show up on this 3rd game, the creator; Cory Barlog has good imagination to developing the storyline, but I don't know how about the game play?

If Mr Barlog add more violence on it, this game absolutely not for children at all, so if you're parent who have child, please increase your awareness, and always accompany your child when plays Playstation 3, never let your child to plays God of War (all series). I swear not only contains violence but also soft nudity on almost every scenes. By the way this game's subtitle is Chains of Olympus, and go to game reviews.

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