Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Preview game X-Men Origins: Wolverine (hardcore)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS)
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
To be released: May 1, 2009

Did you know what Raven Software was already working on a Wolverine game before they were approached to produce a tie-in with the upcoming Origins movie? In this respect, Raven has definitely succeeded. One of the first tings players learn to do is the "lunge." This ability does for Wolverine what web-swinging did for the more recent Spider-Man games, in that Raven has latched onto an unmistakable character trait and reproduced it flawlessly in an interactive medium.

By simply selecting a target with the L button and lunging with the R button, Logan can cross huge distances, pouncing on his enemies and leaving them grounded to do with as he wishes. The team working on Wolverine are huge fans of the iconic X-Men character, and they had already set out to produce a game that truly captured the feeling of being everyone's favorite adamantium-enhanced mutant.

Once a player has lunged, they will be able to stay on the enemy and slice him up with the X button or leap in the air for a powerful stab move with Y. These moves can be executed flawlessly with good timing, allowing Wolverine to lunge, kick himself off his target and then come down with a heavy stab with a perfectly flowing attack. Lunging is also a great way to cross wide chasms, and there are some terrific action sequences later in the game with Wolverine leaping from boats or trucks, cutting his way through the vehicle's passengers before jumping onto the next one.

While lunging is the bread and butter, Raven has not skimped on other forms of combat. Logan can also get up and close with a very simple, yet surprisingly deep, combat system. Combos are very easy to perform, with simple presses of the X and Y buttons, but the use of context can make for some very inventive kills. For instance, if an enemy is airborne, Logan will be able to punch them out of the air with Y, while pressing the same button on a grounded enemy simply launches a strong claw attack. Attacks are based on the positions of Logan and his enemies, and attacking them in different states yields different results.

Wolverine is also able to grab enemies with the B button, and from there can either punch, throw or finish them off. Finishers become very useful for dealing with tougher, more lunge-resistant enemies, and is once again a simple affair. In addition, Wolverine will be able to find and collect Mutagens throughout the game, which are based somewhat on the Plasmids from BioShock. Assigning a Mutagen to one of three potential slots will imbue Logan with extra powers, such as boosted EXP gain, or stronger attack power when near death.

Logan will unlock extra moves as he collects experience points from the enemies he fights, and players can also assign skill points to various attributes, as is typical of nearly all action games these days. Simply hold down Y and watch Logan's claws slowly extend. Once they extend long enough, they'll flash and you simply press an attack button at the right moment to watch a viciously devastating finishing move. Yap I think totally this game is very full of violence and gore but God of War still badder than this game LOL, OK I'm a 21 years old and don't worry about my mom will aware me to stay away from this game, so just enjoy this game, I like Wolverine very much, he's a legend.

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