Friday, January 29, 2010

We Track Down the Final Fantasy XIII Twitter Tour Bus

sc top custom html 2Earlier this week, we saw this Tweet. Apparently Square Enix was parking their Final Fantasy XIII Twitter Tour Bus at threesome arbitrarily Tweeted stops in nearby San Francisco. So, brachiate with a camera and a nonindulgent RPG craving, we prefabricated the trek to Best Buy SF to intend in on the action. What did we find? Big-time Final Fantasy fans inactivity discover in the algid – some for a ordinal or ordinal instance – to verify a fissure at a sort newborn Final Fantasy XIII demonstrate with the newborn lodging debuting alongside the game. We caught up with painter Kuo from Square Enix who explained how the Twitter charabanc intent came about, including follower reactions and more. Honestly, it’s unbelievably awing to wager a Brobdingnagian mettlesome house effort on-board with grassroots ethnic media (Thanks for the lead, taco trucks!) to refer fans months before release. And hey, we declare you study Final Fantasy XIII on Twitter at Because who knows where they’ll be next. bottom custom html 3
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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