Monday, December 21, 2009

Tenchu: Fatal Shadows gameshark codes (PS 2)

This is Tenchu: Fatal Shadows gameshark codes that founded at, if you looking for Tenchu: Fatal Shadows for gameshark v.2 (for PS 2) these codes only work with this device.

But if you want to get another kind of gameshark types such as gameshark with Gamecodes Broadband Enabled, Gameshark with Gamecodes with Media Player, Gameshark2 Videogame Enhancer Version 4, Gameshark2 Videogame Enhancer Version 3, you can visit

Well these the gameshark codes for Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (Playstation 2)

[M] Must Be On May 22, 2009
7607A940 00000000
980B8CE6 78D0DE9D
Health May 22, 2009
760A6B60 00000000
2802AA2D 01963EE5
2802AA73 B1B96965
2802AAE0 DB967A7C
Item Use May 22, 2009
7603CD10 00000000
2807D488 0CA57A65
All Items May 22, 2009
76073890 00000000
2816ED40 6FA37A4F
2816EDD8 A19B5CF0
2816EDED 68327A65
280703F7 A1426965
28070354 0C2F1402
One Hit Kill May 22, 2009
76060B20 00000000
28037FE6 B1E86965
28037F51 DB967A7C
Level Select May 22, 2009
76049740 00000000
1841B455 0CA57A56
All Boss Battles May 22, 2009
76038DC0 00000000
28304DA1 0CA5140C
28304D78 6F96883E
28304D03 D83A7AD3
28304DF7 6D6D7A65
All Specials May 22, 2009
76047980 00000000
28419ED6 948C883E
2841B401 948C883E
All Gallery May 22, 2009
76079F30 00000000
4841D265 0CA37A56
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
All Sound Test May 22, 2009
760395D0 00000000
2841D266 0CA57A65
All Movies May 22, 2009
7607FF50 00000000
4841D27C 0C9B7A56
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
1841D266 0CA57A65
0841D2D5 0CA57A65
All Cutscenes May 22, 2009
7606EDF0 00000000
4841D22D 0C267A56
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
0841D255 0CA57A65
All Costumes May 22, 2009
76028CC0 00000000
2841B403 0CA57A65
2841B4A9 0CA57A65
Red Blade May 22, 2009
7600CF40 00000000
283CC92B 6F157A56
4841A15A 0C9B7A3F
5963E5CC 0CA57A65
View MIssion In Level Select For:
All Missions Unlocked May 22, 2009
760749F0 00000000
2816ED03 6F427A56
2816EDF7 F8AA7AF1
2816ED03 686D7A65
283F49B6 0C6DEC02
283F4915 784269F1
283FD21E 0C6D6902
283FD2D4 6F157A71
283FD266 68F17A65
All Missions Completed May 22, 2009
760E2950 00000000
2816ED0C 6F427A6F
2816ED72 F8AA7AF1
2816EDA1 7C6D7A65
283CAF74 0C6DEC02
283CAF66 7842696F

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