Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free XBOX 360? Please be careful

Hi there I found a website that offer free XBOX 360 for all of their visitors, for more detail about this requirements, you can visit But be careful please, if they asking your CC number, or maybe they provide a form for logon to your Paypal account, please don't follow their instructions easily, why? Because they don't have good reputation yet. Actually they're a free gift site, and I never join any gift site before, so you must ask your friend who know more about gift sites, especially if they know more about this free gift site that offering free XBOX 360. I think they will write down so many requirements for this, so I'am not interested with any gift sites, I think if you want XBOX 360 buy it, don't waste your time in front of your monitor.

This blockquote is Q&A taken from that free gift site;

What Makes Us Different?
No misleading or complicated requirements

* We are 100% up front with the requirements of getting a free gift.
Unlike many free gift sites, we don't create confusing hoops to
jump through or put requirements in fine print. Our requirements
are simple and straight forward.

* We don't ask you to complete unnecessary surveys or sign up for
promotions which do not contribute to you getting your free gift.

Protecting your privacy

* NO Spam. Your information is used solely for email communication
and shipping your free gift. We do not sell your information to
third parties.

Click here to view our privacy policy

Offer selection

* We have two to three times the selection of advertiser offers of
most free gift sites making it even easier to get your free gift.

Click here for a list of our current offers


* We take pride in having fast, helpful customer service and we
don't use automated emails to reply to your questions.

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