Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giveaways trip to Japan TGS 2009

Wow this is an awesome chance to go to gamer's paradise, the paradise is The TGS show! What's TGS? That's Tokyo Game show, is it a paradise of gamers allover the world? Off course! I swear you'll be satisfied over there, how to win this trip? Just send Gamespot AU an imagination report of TGS, your role is a reporter, write your report in 50 words or less, and for the first winner not only obtain a free trip to TGS, but also Sony Ericsson Satio, I don't know the detail of this cellphone, but it can be a remote control of your Playstation 3, Ow awesome right? And for the first runner up, you'll get a SonyEricsson Aino, wow it's also a cool gadget, so what you waiting for? Just go to this Url for further information;


Ditulis Oleh : Indra Aryanto // 5:56 AM

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