Friday, September 11, 2009

Broadband connection in Australia with 99% coverage

I remember when I was 15 years old boy, at this age I know about internet at the fist time, in my little town in Central Java province Indonesia, it was about 8 years ago Indonesia only has dialup connection, and maybe in Australia or another developed countries broadband connection is ready to roll, I want to browse Yahoo search in dialup internet cafe, am I succeed to browse Yahoo search? Yeah but after 5 minutes waiting and waiting, oh my God. Forget the Facebook or another recent social networks, and finally today we must say thank you to broadband technology that bring us the best education, entertainment, or today's news at home quickly, and the next question is where we can rely our mobile internet connection when we go to Australia?

Because today internet is not only at home. We need the most trusted mobile broadband provider in Australia, and I will recommend you to get mobile broadband plans with BroadbandExpert, why we choose BroadbandExpert? Yeah because BroadbandExpert has 99% coverage in Australia, broadband speed on the move, and the most important point for customer who didn't want to get headache is BroadbandExpert can be installed easily. Do you want to test the speed? They also provide it for you, just go to their internet speed test tool, is it cool huh? This tool can test your internet speed accurately, test your connection at

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