Friday, September 4, 2009

Data recovery for Mac

In 2007 my father lost the employee biography data of his office, and this is not the first time he makes this kind of mistake, actually he is careless enough if he meet an electronic device. How to fix this problem, Oh my God! I have no idea at that time, then a computer technician come to me and asking for help, for an hour I'm waiting and unfortunately he can do nothing with that hard disk, he recommend me to contact a repair service corporation that has some dedicated technicians called Data Recovery Group, they're the expert in data recovery. Yeah you know they are trying hard to fix that office's data in my father's Mac. I hope my father won't lost the data anymore, talk about DRG they have some pro in Mac data recovery.

At first time I guess if the data has been deleted for too long time, the technician difficult to recover it back, even the pro one. But thanks God, I contact DRG as soon as possible, so my father get back the data quickly. By the way actually I have data recovery software, but I'm afraid I can't use it correctly. But there is the badder problem than losing data on hard disk, what's that? When we lost server data, wow this is the biggest problem an office made. The solution is server data recovery, DRG also can handle it well.

Ditulis Oleh : Indra Aryanto // 10:36 PM

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allen said...

You have a great story i would like to say i had also faced such a situation when my mac drive got corrupted due to some of my on mistake then i used a recovery tool Stellar Phoenix Mac File Recovery software which works very efficiently for me and recovers my all data.The software is really good for mac users


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