Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nouveau Riche scam? really?

When anybody browsing the net, sometimes they found a website that told them some celebrities who have been popular and rich because they are hard worker. So many years these celebrities spent their day and night to improve their skills, and also so many fans hoping they can reach what the celebrities got, such as their successful real estate business. But irresponsible person used this issue only for their wallets.

Well maybe these irresponsible person are excelling in the real estate business. But a popular company like Nouveau Riche that so many businessman trust with it, potentially become a scam company, is that true? Actually I can't answer this question. On a website that write this article, they have been giving warnings to people because there have been Nouveau Riche University Scam, which has been penetrating the real estate business. This Nouveau Riche University Scam has been perpetrating a real estate scam that you weren’t aware of. That is why articles about this Nouveau Riche Scam is important, so that people may be prepared and ready to avoid this kind of scam.

Actually to be rich and popular is very hard nowadays. There are many people who has been really making some fatal moves to fooling other people to be rich. Please trust me, any body there have been saying lies to make people believe and be trapped in different kinds of scams. In fact I can't decide it's true or not?

Ditulis Oleh : Indra Aryanto // 8:06 PM

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