Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giveaways trip to Japan TGS 2009

Wow this is an awesome chance to go to gamer's paradise, the paradise is The TGS show! What's TGS? That's Tokyo Game show, is it a paradise of gamers allover the world? Off course! I swear you'll be satisfied over there, how to win this trip? Just send Gamespot AU an imagination report of TGS, your role is a reporter, write your report in 50 words or less, and for the first winner not only obtain a free trip to TGS, but also Sony Ericsson Satio, I don't know the detail of this cellphone, but it can be a remote control of your Playstation 3, Ow awesome right? And for the first runner up, you'll get a SonyEricsson Aino, wow it's also a cool gadget, so what you waiting for? Just go to this Url for further information;


Giveaways MAG beta codes from Playstation.com

Get free MAG beta codes from Playstation.com right here right now, I mean not in my blog but in their Twitter update, how to get the exclusive codes? Just follow this steps;

  1. Follow their Twitter account at twitter(dot)com/SonyPlayStation
  2. If they tweet a question, you must reply them with your answer, only for the first 6 peoples.
  3. In every question, will be 6 winners who get MAG beta codes giveaways from them.
  4. They will send the winners a direct message, and the winners will obtain that codes.

Unfortunately this quiz only for US residents, ah come on don't make Playstation gamers outside US dissapointed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Broadband connection in Australia with 99% coverage

I remember when I was 15 years old boy, at this age I know about internet at the fist time, in my little town in Central Java province Indonesia, it was about 8 years ago Indonesia only has dialup connection, and maybe in Australia or another developed countries broadband connection is ready to roll, I want to browse Yahoo search in dialup internet cafe, am I succeed to browse Yahoo search? Yeah but after 5 minutes waiting and waiting, oh my God. Forget the Facebook or another recent social networks, and finally today we must say thank you to broadband technology that bring us the best education, entertainment, or today's news at home quickly, and the next question is where we can rely our mobile internet connection when we go to Australia?

Because today internet is not only at home. We need the most trusted mobile broadband provider in Australia, and I will recommend you to get mobile broadband plans with BroadbandExpert, why we choose BroadbandExpert? Yeah because BroadbandExpert has 99% coverage in Australia, broadband speed on the move, and the most important point for customer who didn't want to get headache is BroadbandExpert can be installed easily. Do you want to test the speed? They also provide it for you, just go to their internet speed test tool, is it cool huh? This tool can test your internet speed accurately, test your connection at http://www.broadbandexpert.com.au/broadband/speedtest/.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

XBOX game code giveaways from xboxhornet

This is XBOX game codes (cheat) giveaways not free XBOX console, so don't let your wrong perception stuck in your head LOL.. xboxhornet.wordpress.com offering massive XBOX game codes for you, but you must follow them at Twitter, each XBOXhornet authors will give XBOX game codes for free after you follow them. But don't trust them easily, there are thousand of chances in the internet to spreading scam opportunities.

But if you're interested with this offer, you can go to


Here's the game codes list;

600 Microsoft points – donated by XboxHornet
Drum Kit codes – donated by Smokin Skull follow thebigdaddio on twitter
Nebulon codes – donated by Dark Omen Games follow them on twitter
Mega App Pack code – donated by Wastedseconds follow them on twitter
Hexothermic codes – donated by David Webb
Cocktail Paradise codes – donated by Kitt1e2009 follower her on twitter
Shiatsu Massage codes – donated by Kitt1e2009 follower her on twitter
Dr Popper codes – donated by Billreiss follow him on twitter

and another game cheats.

15% off coupon code in game console deals

Wow I found a coupon code to purchase game consoles you want at online store, 15 % with this coupon codes, interested huh? Let's check http://www.logicbuy.com/deals/15--off-coupon-PlayStation-3-and-Xbox-360-games/8090.aspx and you'll find it, pretty cool huh? 15% off when you use this coupon to buy Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 , PSP 3000, Nintendo DS Consoles and another game consoles or accessories.

Here is the discounted item list;

* XBOX 360 Pro 60GB $299 $212.49
* XBOX 360 Elite 120GB Black $399 $254.99
* XBOX 360 Arcade + 5 Games $199 $169.99
* PS3 Slim 120GB $299.99 $284.99
* Nintendo Wii $249 $225
* PSP 3000 Slim $170 $144.49
* PSP 2000 $144.49
* PSP-3000 Rock Band Unplugged Bundle $170
* Nintendo DSi Black | Blue $144.49

Friday, September 4, 2009

Data recovery for Mac

In 2007 my father lost the employee biography data of his office, and this is not the first time he makes this kind of mistake, actually he is careless enough if he meet an electronic device. How to fix this problem, Oh my God! I have no idea at that time, then a computer technician come to me and asking for help, for an hour I'm waiting and unfortunately he can do nothing with that hard disk, he recommend me to contact a repair service corporation that has some dedicated technicians called Data Recovery Group, they're the expert in data recovery. Yeah you know they are trying hard to fix that office's data in my father's Mac. I hope my father won't lost the data anymore, talk about DRG they have some pro in Mac data recovery.

At first time I guess if the data has been deleted for too long time, the technician difficult to recover it back, even the pro one. But thanks God, I contact DRG as soon as possible, so my father get back the data quickly. By the way actually I have data recovery software, but I'm afraid I can't use it correctly. But there is the badder problem than losing data on hard disk, what's that? When we lost server data, wow this is the biggest problem an office made. The solution is server data recovery, DRG also can handle it well.


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