Monday, September 24, 2007

6.Title : Resident evil 4
Genre: Action horror
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PS2

The 4th RE series, a game which become hits everywhere, Leon was a US
elite ranger who ordered to find president daughter who kidnapped and
hostaged at somewhere in isolated village with mining site. Leon must
defeat various kind of foes like ugly zombie, village people who going
crazy, giant smelly zombie, giant insect etc.. And you'll be angry when a
big stone rolled by village people pursuit you, then you'll meet much
of traps. Don't worry the cheat would be revealed at my blog soon. I
think this game was the best RE sekuel ever made, have a perfect screamy
atmosphere, and make me fear to play it at night like when I play RE3
view years ago.
Trailer 1 from YouTube

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Most gamer all over the world waiting for this game, I swear!
Indonesian gamer like me also waiting too. The game was FINAL FANTASY XIII!
Consist of some version, two for Playstation 2 and another one was mobile
game. Rumor said that FF XIII also made for XBOX 360 and PSP, I think
FF XIII will be made for more consoles to increase popularity for Final
Fantasy and income of SQUARE-ENIX.


I'll show you some cool and exciting PS2 game I ever played, most of
them is action adventure game, but I like RPG too. Let find them at your
favorite game shop and prepare your PS2 console.Half of this post
written in Indonesian.


This is usually a program that performs the same operation of another program or a piece of hardware. For example, there are programs that allow a PC to act like a Commodore 64, a Nintendo Entertainment System (and Play Station too) or even a Macintosh. These emulators are often developed by talented programmers just to prove that something can be done.


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Chinese zuì hòu, zuì zhōng, 最後, 最終, 最后, 最终
Dutch bepaald, beslist, definitief, een conclusie wettigend, eindelijk, eventueel, finaal, gebeurlijk, onherroepelijk, per saldo, per se, strikt, ten slotte, uiteindelijk, volstrekt, vooral, voorgoed, zeker, afdoend
French finale, finale
German endgьltig, endlich, schlieЯlich, abschlieЯend
Greek αποφασιστικός, αποφασιστικός
Italian finale, finale
Japanese inbo, ketteiteki, kouki, kuukoku, kuukou, saishuu, shuukoku, いんぼ, きゅうきょう, きゅうきょく, けっていてき, こうき, さいしゅう, しゅうきょく, ファイナル, 後期, 最終, 決定的, 究極, 究竟, 窮極, 終極, 韻母
Malay muktamad, akhir
Norwegian finale, finale
Polish finał, finał
Portuguese final, final
Russian последний выпуск газеты, последний заезд в скачках, решающая игра, выпускные экзамены
Serbian odlucujuci, krajnji
Spanish final
Swahili kataa, kataa
Swedish final, final

Chinese huàn, huàn xiǎng, 幻, 幻想, 幻, 幻想
Dutch verbeeldingskracht, fantasie
French fantaisie
Greek αποκύημα φαντασίας
Italian fantasia
Japanese gensoukoku, kuusou, mugen, yumemaboroshi, くうそう, げんそうきょく, むげん, ゆめまぼろし, ファンタジー, 夢幻, 幻想曲, 空想
Malay khayalan, khayal
Polish fantazją
Portuguese fantasia
Serbian kapric, fantazija
Spanish fantasнa
Swedish fantasier

Chinese bǎ xì, yóu xì, 把戲, 遊戲, 把戏, 游戏
Dutch boud, brutaal, dapper, dik, dol, doldriftig, ferm, gedurfd, koppelen, lijvig, lucifer, match, militant, onvervaard, paren, spel, spelen, spinnijdig, stout, stoutmoedig, strijdlustig, stuk, toneelstuk, uitvoeren, vechtlustig, verbolgen, vermetel, verwoed, voorspelen, waaghalzerig, wild, woedend, woest, bespelen
French jeu, un jeu, jeu
Germanspiel, wild, wildbret, beherzt
Greek αγώνας, αγώνας
Indonesian permainan
Italian gioco, gioco
Japanese asobigoto, emono, issen, kaisen, kougi, rou, shiai, shoubu, shuukaku, teawase, yuugi, あそびごと, いっせん, えもの, かいせん, きょうぎ, しあい, しゅうかく, しょうぶ, てあわせ, ゆうぎ, りょう, ゲーム, 一戦, 勝負, 収獲, 回戦, 手合わせ, 猟, 獲物, 競技, 試合, 遊び事, 遊戯
Korean 놀이
Latinvenatio, ludus
Malay berani, berjuang terus, berke-, bertenaga, big ~:perburuan hewan, cacat, lumpuh, mauan, timpang
Norwegian spill, spill
Polish grą, grą
Portuguese jogo
Russianдичь, игра, играть в азартные игры, смелый, готовый"сделать что либо"
Serbian kocka, lov, sala, igra
Spanish el juego
Swahili bao, bao
Swedish spel, spel

Thursday, September 13, 2007

PS2 emulator

Wanna play PS2 game on your PC? You can try PS2 emulator, let's
download it at, but remember not all game can played with
this emulator, there are too much emulator application offered, but none
of them can play PS2 game perfectly. In fact emulators which made by
irresponsible hackers couldn't broke the safety most PS2 game software coz
they made by different game publisher that have different programmer
code. If you don't believe it, let's try to search on Google with
keyword PS2 emulator, download all emulator offered at every site and install
on your PC, test to play some game then I bet you'll be unsatisfied
with it.
You'll realized to play PS2 game you must have the console.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shadow of Colossus

5.Title: Shadow of Colossus
Genre:Action adventure
Platform:PS 2

The original title is "wander & giants", this game take
place on an alternate universe. There was a boy ride the horse want to
heal his friend from the curse, he ordered by holy spirit to defeat giants
called colossus before his wish accomplished, each colossus have
specific ability and form, so you must apply different strategy and tactics
to defeat each of them.
For example the second colossus look like giant
bison,have weaknes on the foot.You can search the weaknes of each
colossus by glowing the sword and scan colossus's body carefuly, be patient
to find the way for attacking their weaknes, don't losing your grip
when you on above colossus. Each colossus stay on different place, every
defeat one of them you will get advice for the next foe.

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Onimusha Dawn of dream

4.Title :Onimusha Dawn of dream
Genre :Action adventure
Platform : PS 2

Story to deploy Oda Nobunaga is main plot of this game, you can
control total 4 heroes to complete the mission, you can use each character
to find the secret of each place.
This game graphic is very impressive I think, and you would think
so after you watch and play it.
At first you will defeat the giant creature who in samurai suit,
the setting is old Edo town. This game most realistic than Onimusha 2
because of this.
You can absorb yellow,green,red and white orb to fulfill gauge
with each orb function. The main hero use big katana and the small one,
his big katana can make him transform to be character like
"tengu" with powerful strength.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

game I ever played

1. Judul : Devil May Cry 3 Dante Awakening
Genre :Action Adventure
Publisher :Capcom

Description:not yet

2. Judul : God of war
Genre: Action adventure
Publisher: SCEI

This game told the bravely and also cruelty of the Spartan warlord who
sacrified his family to get the glory of his race (spartan) He was
Kratos! He also sacrified himself to be Ares slave just to get Blade of
Chaos from the god of war.Subjectively for me this game has a great story
and great arts.
The final enemy bos was Ares itself. At first Ares was Kratos master,
but Hera's advice made Kratos realized he make mistake to be the Ares
slave. Ares was the real character of Greece myth, Kratos is son of Styx and pallas also brother of nike,bia and zelus,Cory Barlog is the GoW producer.
Kratos must defeat all cruel enemies which most of them adapted from
Greece myth, for example medusa which have ability to petrified you and
made you easy to broke only with one hit. also siren,their ability can
losing you and then kill you with their loudly voice.

3. Judul: God of war 2
Genre: Action adventure
Publisher: SCEI

It was the sequel of God of War, Kratos who became the next god of war
disturbed by god of the god Zeus, Zeus jealousy made plan to defeat
Kratos with his olympus sword which absorb Kratos power,level and ability.
After Kratos became weak Zeus try to kill him.
Gameplay of this sequel not too different with GoW but have the brand
new magic.
And don't forget to upgrade your magic and weapon level coz enemy level
also increasing every next place. Not only level,the enemies also
consist of many kind of monsters with their more deathly abilities.

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