Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spying with GPS tracking

My friend imagine if he's a spy who hired by CIA and ordered to spying an international criminal, then I waking him up and said "Be real guys!", actually his imagination is so high, he's little bit angry with me. Then I ask him if he want to be a spy, he needs some useful gadgets such as GPS tracking tool, in fact he doesn't have pepper spray at home, how he can be a spy? Maybe this story also happened in your life.

When a spy do his/her job, they need gadgets to help them when get a problem, such as if anybody stealing valuable spy's car, what can they do? Meanwhile important document in that car, and the spy never know where's that stolen car, how to tracking that car if the spy don't has any right gadgets to help them on this problem, they need GPS tracking device to track it clearly and quickly, what's GPS? It means Global Positioning System, actually GPS tool is commonly used in developed countries to tracking company's car, private car, even a unfaithful man whom his wife hire an investigator to track where's he.

In developing countries, their people not really need device like GPS tracking tool because it's not cheap tool, only big corporations need this thing, but if you are become a private investigator, private detective, or a spy, you need this tool for your best result in your job. I found it only for 199.95 $ on the net, not so expensive huh?

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