Sunday, May 31, 2009

File Extension QPW

For accountant, Ms Excel is powerful tool to make them looks professional and enhance their positive images, so Excel is common application in financial industry, Excel is the best and the easiest application that can help you to accounting and managing all financial data, Excel is the most successful spreadsheet application that many people use allover the planet, not only for accountant this application built, but Excel also easy to applied in home financial management, if you want to learn more about Excel you must know more about file extension QPW, what’s that? That’s Quattro Pro for Windows, file extension QPW created to build a spreadsheet application such as Excel, this is the standard for spreadsheet application making guys, then please remember if you’re a person with small knowledge about file extension QPW, don’t edit this file for any reason.

If you meet an error in your spreadsheet application, let’s go to the professional, because so many difficulties and complicity inside will frustrate you and that’s a nightmare for you. I remember when in junior high school 8 years ago, first spreadsheet application that I learn it even not well is Lotus, Lotus more complicated than Excel of course, this application is commonly used 8 years ago in Indonesia, no body doubt that all DOS based application which is text based applications very difficult and all people who want to learn DOS apps need more than three years to use it well, OK back to file extension QPW, actually I also need a master to learn it perfectly.

Sword of Mana GBA gameshark codes

Looking for Sword of Mana GBA gameshark code? Ok these are the gameshark codes from all item to all weapon, very useful for you, but I can't get the infinitive health code, it's OK don't worry about these codes, because I'd test them all, here we go;

Master Code [North America]

Master Code ( Must be on at all time for codes to work )


All Enemy Data [North America]

All Enemy Data


Master Code [North America]


Have all Weopens, Magic and Items [North America]

Have all Weopens


Have all Magic


Have all Items


Have all Accessories


Have all Cards


Reveal Map [North America]

Reveal Map


Saturday, May 30, 2009

File Extension DAP

Do you like to download software in the internet? What you can do if you can't download so many software quickly and you don't wanna be patient at that time, but don't worry about this, there are feature in latest computer technology to increasing download speed, and it makes us happy of course, downloading huge file only in couple of minutes, but how we can get that, and in fact some internet surfer don't understand with this kind of important software. Nowadays download manager is common feature for internet surfing for fast downloading, but in internet cafes allover Indonesia which is my country, that software is rare, and I think Firefox has substitute it, because this browser has a similar feature which is built in and already to be used,

Actually I want to give you tips when you says "what I gonna do, my download accelerator
going down", maybe it crashed by virus but you must calm down, there are some online services can will help you completely until this problem well solved, your file extension DAP is the point of this problem, for example problem is if your file incomplete downloaded and you only got a broken file, it won't happened if you use accelerator. Download accelerator makes your incomplete file converted to file extension DAP, and you can resume download next time, even next day. File extension DAP is temporary file, so please resume it as soon as possible, I think if you always postpone to resume, the file will be really broken.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Most recommended GBA ROMS (games)

Hi I just wanna tell you most recommended GBA ROMS or games, if you have download the emulator, congratulation! Now you done the best way to enjoy GBA console without buy it, LOL! Yeah you're illegal person now ahaha just kidding, OK what's the most recommended GBA ROMS? Wel I like these RPG and simulation games; Harvest Moon; Friends of nature, Sword of Mana, and Legend of zelda link to the past, that's great ROMS for you, all retro game's lovers. Coming to Game reviews homepage.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Emulator downloads are illegal, but... I enjoy it too (LOL)

Hi do you ever download emulator of a game console?? Yeah I do. But in fact emulator download websites are illegal, and off course the emulators are "more" illegal, if you wanna enjoy a game console, you must buy the engine, don't download the emulator. The bad habit of ours is "if there are a freebie, why we must buy?". And yeah you know, I also download Visual Boy Advance for Gameboy console, that's embarrassing but I must confess it. I love to play Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town, it's very retro and maybe classic.

In fact all emulator download websites well indexed in Google SERP, so what we can say? Indirectly Google allow the Goddamn piracy hehe..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

File Extension SAV Problem Solver

I think if you wanna be a master of computer, you already to know about this issue. What's issue? Not only for master, but also photoshoper must know about this, what's that? Oh come on, if you're always looking for cool graphics from so many websites, and save them in your PC, be careful! don't forget there are some viruses able to united with image files. What you gonna do if a virus infecting your image file, and unfortunately it's attack some files that you didn't know the function, even the format. This problem is kind of bad luck for PC's owner, but will helps you with their file extension SAV.

They already provide all tools you need for free. Daemon Tools Pro Disk Image from is perfect solver for this problem, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-10 compressed executable binary file, Free Download Manager Data, Interactive Data Language file, SPSS database file and the executable file Wikipedia. These tools are the powerful one, for further information about file extension SAV you can contact them.

Don't worry about their software, software that called Driver Cure easily and readily to use for all people including you with quick process. Check the instruction step by step in This software is suitable for all Windows including Vista. Prepare your PC for free scan. I hope your PC will be fine, and ready to help you in Photoshop activity anymore. File Extension SAV offered by them also got some testimonials from the expert.


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