Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

I got info about game entitled Wanted: Weapons of Fate from gamespot. Yeah I think this game is very cool and the movie also good enough, but I don't like the simplicities.

At any given moment in the upcoming Wanted: Weapons of Fate, you're either firing a gun, stabbing someone in the (choose one: neck/face/chest), or running for cover. For all of the visual flair and stylish violence that was found in last year's blockbuster on which Weapons of Fate is based, the video game is looking to amp things up with a bullet-ridden sneer. Yesterday, we had a chance to try out an updated build of the game, and our opinion hasn't changed since our last look at it back in early December: Weapons of Fate is looking like much more than a lame movie cash-in.

The demo that we saw skipped across several levels in the game and featured both Wesley (the main character from the Wanted film) and his father Cross as playable characters. As producers told us, though the Wanted film focused mostly on the relationship between Wesley and Cross, the game's plot centers around Wesley and the search for his mother. The first section of the game that we were shown featured a cutscene between Cross and Sloan (the leader of the so-called Fraternity, a group of assassins of which both Cross and Wesley are members) and explained the rift between the two characters.


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