Saturday, May 30, 2009

File Extension DAP

Do you like to download software in the internet? What you can do if you can't download so many software quickly and you don't wanna be patient at that time, but don't worry about this, there are feature in latest computer technology to increasing download speed, and it makes us happy of course, downloading huge file only in couple of minutes, but how we can get that, and in fact some internet surfer don't understand with this kind of important software. Nowadays download manager is common feature for internet surfing for fast downloading, but in internet cafes allover Indonesia which is my country, that software is rare, and I think Firefox has substitute it, because this browser has a similar feature which is built in and already to be used,

Actually I want to give you tips when you says "what I gonna do, my download accelerator
going down", maybe it crashed by virus but you must calm down, there are some online services can will help you completely until this problem well solved, your file extension DAP is the point of this problem, for example problem is if your file incomplete downloaded and you only got a broken file, it won't happened if you use accelerator. Download accelerator makes your incomplete file converted to file extension DAP, and you can resume download next time, even next day. File extension DAP is temporary file, so please resume it as soon as possible, I think if you always postpone to resume, the file will be really broken.

Ditulis Oleh : Indra Aryanto // 4:58 AM

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