Monday, July 6, 2009

RF online cheats updated; add gold and cp

Let's follow these steps to use this cheat, cheat formed in a file that you must download it first;

Step 1—Turn off firewall and antivirus(es) because this cheats won't be loaded well if both apps turned on.
Step 2 —Download this cheats' file >>> Cheat RF-Indo. at

Step 3 —Unrar the file.

Step 4 —Open the folder and install “Cheat RF.exe” and if you look this notice “RF Online Cheat already running…” it means your cheat successfully loaded.

Step 5 —And run Rf Launcher,login and open bank and save much much money to your deposit and open chat box and type %upd_rate 1 then alt and hit enter.

Step 6 —Please wait an hour without disconnect time.

also try this another codes;

Set Exp Rate : %exp_rate #
Set PT Rate : %expert_rate #
Set item drop rate : %itemdrop_rate #
Set delay : %no delay
Set Visible : %visible #
Set Update Bank : %upd_rate #
Note !!!:
# :Variable
to set visible “#” can replaced with 1 for visible mode and 0 for invisible mode.

Ditulis Oleh : Indra Aryanto // 1:16 AM

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