Sunday, July 19, 2009

Free game; Fashion Finder - Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition

True trendspotter who's been hired by a well-known fashion magazine, he is Fashion Finder. Help Abbie revitalize the magazine's "Trendspotting" section by snapping photos that highlight the current trends. From the streets to the runway, New York City is full of fashion. The only trouble is it's not always that easy to find. Sometimes the hottest new looks behind the characters. This puzzle game is perfect for puzzle and simulation game freaks.

Free download Fashion Finder - Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition go to this link;

Monday, July 6, 2009

RF online cheats updated; add gold and cp

Let's follow these steps to use this cheat, cheat formed in a file that you must download it first;

Step 1—Turn off firewall and antivirus(es) because this cheats won't be loaded well if both apps turned on.
Step 2 —Download this cheats' file >>> Cheat RF-Indo. at

Step 3 —Unrar the file.

Step 4 —Open the folder and install “Cheat RF.exe” and if you look this notice “RF Online Cheat already running…” it means your cheat successfully loaded.

Step 5 —And run Rf Launcher,login and open bank and save much much money to your deposit and open chat box and type %upd_rate 1 then alt and hit enter.

Step 6 —Please wait an hour without disconnect time.

also try this another codes;

Set Exp Rate : %exp_rate #
Set PT Rate : %expert_rate #
Set item drop rate : %itemdrop_rate #
Set delay : %no delay
Set Visible : %visible #
Set Update Bank : %upd_rate #
Note !!!:
# :Variable
to set visible “#” can replaced with 1 for visible mode and 0 for invisible mode.


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