Sunday, May 31, 2009

File Extension QPW

For accountant, Ms Excel is powerful tool to make them looks professional and enhance their positive images, so Excel is common application in financial industry, Excel is the best and the easiest application that can help you to accounting and managing all financial data, Excel is the most successful spreadsheet application that many people use allover the planet, not only for accountant this application built, but Excel also easy to applied in home financial management, if you want to learn more about Excel you must know more about file extension QPW, what’s that? That’s Quattro Pro for Windows, file extension QPW created to build a spreadsheet application such as Excel, this is the standard for spreadsheet application making guys, then please remember if you’re a person with small knowledge about file extension QPW, don’t edit this file for any reason.

If you meet an error in your spreadsheet application, let’s go to the professional, because so many difficulties and complicity inside will frustrate you and that’s a nightmare for you. I remember when in junior high school 8 years ago, first spreadsheet application that I learn it even not well is Lotus, Lotus more complicated than Excel of course, this application is commonly used 8 years ago in Indonesia, no body doubt that all DOS based application which is text based applications very difficult and all people who want to learn DOS apps need more than three years to use it well, OK back to file extension QPW, actually I also need a master to learn it perfectly.

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