Friday, February 27, 2009

Retirement early planning

Yeah it's true if you wanna spend your retire age with happiness, you need early planning, right? It means planning your future too, if you don't have any work to do, you'll absolutely need the early planning for your retirement, I swear. What you must to do when you reach your retire time. Early planning will avoid some problems that moving closer to you. We can take the example, financial problem. More detail problem is how you get money to get your primary needs, don't be confused because of your retirement. This can’t you let happen. And how to plan your best retirement?

You need some financial help to do this, I offer you the reverse mortgages. Why reverse mortgage? Because it can helps you as money source to substitute your working time before retired. Now retirement is easy to planned early, you never get any financial problem that may can't "kills" you in you retirement day. And don't worry if you get health problem, medicare supplemental insurance also available on, this medical insurance is very important to help you when enjoying your retirement day, they will do the best treatment for you, trust me. Well I offer you 2 valuable services to today, so what you waiting for? Retirement early planning is more than just planning if you do this right now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

FF XIII update 3; More Final Fantasy XIII characters revealed

Yeah it's true I got this info from Squaresoft showing 3 more characters, this is the details;

This is the guy with the spikey blond hair who looks somewhat like Final Fantasy X's Wakka.

Lebro is the character with the impossibly low cut shirt that you'd never wear for a battle unless you were trying to win by distracting your enemies. She's the only female member of the team and is said to be strong-willed, but kind.

Ths is the guy with short blond hair, goggles, and what appears to be a Chicago Cubs jacket. Yes, it's a "he." Markie is somewhat timid, but is said to be a fine member of Nora.

But unfortunately that names not for official Final Fantasy XIII game, commonly Japanese version different with international version. Read more detail about them on

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get Lifelock promotion code here

Yeah if you felt tired and confused with online businessmen who offer their products via spam mail, and send it to your mailbox, I will tell you a tips to solve this problem. You can try Lifelock service, this service preventing and avoiding your identity theft. What's relation between spam mail and Lifelock? Well Lifelock makes your identity safe, including your email address and your other identity on the cyberspace also will be safe. This is done by taking your name off the lists. if you haven't got your lifelock promotion code till now, this is the time to do it.

We happy to tell you more information about Lifelock, they offering discount on their identity theft protection service. Yeah it's true, it will be great information for you who interested with this service, with Lifelock promotion code you can easily get their valuable service, even you only have limited money. Just visit to get the discount code and all the information you need. Don't worry if you feel unsatisfied with the service, you'll get a big compensation.

What you waiting for? Many customers feel satisfied with Lifelock, and you must sign up this service too, because in 2009 cyberspace crimes increased significantly, such as email spamming like mentioned above, carding, scam online MLM, etc. These crimes happened because the victim's identity has been theft. And the most important point in their service is LifeLock will guarantee your identity up to $1,000,000. It will be great for you. Let's reduce your spam and junk mail, actually I hate these kind of cyberspace crimes so much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

I got info about game entitled Wanted: Weapons of Fate from gamespot. Yeah I think this game is very cool and the movie also good enough, but I don't like the simplicities.

At any given moment in the upcoming Wanted: Weapons of Fate, you're either firing a gun, stabbing someone in the (choose one: neck/face/chest), or running for cover. For all of the visual flair and stylish violence that was found in last year's blockbuster on which Weapons of Fate is based, the video game is looking to amp things up with a bullet-ridden sneer. Yesterday, we had a chance to try out an updated build of the game, and our opinion hasn't changed since our last look at it back in early December: Weapons of Fate is looking like much more than a lame movie cash-in.

The demo that we saw skipped across several levels in the game and featured both Wesley (the main character from the Wanted film) and his father Cross as playable characters. As producers told us, though the Wanted film focused mostly on the relationship between Wesley and Cross, the game's plot centers around Wesley and the search for his mother. The first section of the game that we were shown featured a cutscene between Cross and Sloan (the leader of the so-called Fraternity, a group of assassins of which both Cross and Wesley are members) and explained the rift between the two characters.


Friday, February 6, 2009

How to host my gaming blog?

Today I got email from my friend who lived in other country, asking me how to host his gaming blog, Phew actually I'm not a webmaster or web expert, I still a newbie so please guess what I will do to help him? I'm looking for a best web hosting service that my "online master" told it to me last month. Yeah I got it, I'm happy because I can help my friend to host his game blog with Wordpress at best web hosting I recommended. When you looking for hosting service for your valuable blog, don't host your blog at untrusted blog hosting service, please ask your friend who knows about blog hosting better than you, in fact we not only need hosting service for blog but also another interesting platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, and Textpattern. But I think Joomla web hosting has similar specification with Wordpress hosting, but please make sure of it or my "online master" which is webhostingrating(dot)com will help you.

After his gaming blog successfully installed, he looks very satisfied because he never disappointing his blog visitor anymore, yeah his previous hosting service makes him crazy, because their server always on downline 2 hours a day, then I know the reason why he move that blog. Do not worry if you're a new blogger who want to feel how to manage self hosted blog, best hosting service commonly offer domain registration for you, with Top Level Domain such as .com .net .org .info etc. And if you have high traffic after your blog popular, you must check your bandwidth and make sure that it can handles your blog traffic, but you can upgrade your hosting service to unlimited bandwidth, it means you must spend more money for it, please consider it carefully.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

GPS tracking for luxury car

When in some other countries, motorcycle robing is very popular. How about car robing, in Indonesia car robing is more popular than motorcycle, especially luxury car such as Mercy or another big brands, for luxury car owner I will give you best suggestion to avoid your car robbed. If anybody suggesting you to go to shaman and ask him to tell his vision about your car, what? This is 2009 guys, I will suggesting you something techie.

Do you ever heard GPS tracking? Sometimes if I heard somebody talking about GPS tracking, I’ve ever thought about something expensive, oh really? Actually this is best way to track your car easily. GPS Tracker tool is modern device and most popular method to do this mission. But I still don’t understand, why this technology still strange for somebody out there?

This device also perfect for luxury car rentals. Trust me, this GPS tracking tool can be applied and worked efficiently, accurately and effectively. Whatever type of rental you have, managing everything you have in your inventory can be a time consuming task to say the least, so with this tool you can managing it when you enjoy your vacation. There are various kind of this useful tool, you can choose the best type that perfect for your purpose. It's amazing, one of these GPS tracking tools is bigger than a pen.

Harvest Moon Innocent Life; one step to future (2)

Hmm.. this game actually not PS2 new game, but I always interesting with this one, why? Because not only the existence of rambutan on it, but also Harvest Moon always makes me happy, become a farmer is my father's job, and I think farmer is a valuable job especially in agriculture country like Indonesia, and Harvest Moon is the best simulation game, I love this game until Innocent Life launched, what the concept on the next Harvest Moon? I don't know yet. Do you know the next Harvest Moon game concept? Please share with us here.


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