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The crystal-based mythology is something that will be present in some form or another throughout the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. Although, this mythology won’t necessarily be part of the main storylines.

The Final Fantasy 13 series producer, Yoshinori Kitase, gave the example - it is similar to how we, well, most of us at least, don’t go through our daily lives concerning ourselves with ancient legends.

Instead, the crystal-based mythology will be shown in designs that are used, with each of the titles in the series focusing on and showing different aspects. Crystals will take the form of every day objects, such as individual pillars and signboards. All of these objects will have some kind of meaning behind them.

FFXIII Fabula Nova Crystallis

A long cold war has been taking place, revolving around crystals. In the Jump Festa trailer, while the male protagonist is siting in the back seat of a car, he’s listening to a news broadcast on the radio. It’s announced over the radio how two countries have come to a treaty about peaceful use of crystals.

There is a Kingdom where the last Crystal in the world is held. This Kingdom is very modern and is so advanced that civilization there is isolated from the Outside World. This City is protected by the Magic Order.

The protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus 13, who is the heir to the throne of his country, works to protect the family crystals. His royal family’s kingdom has protected these crystals for generations.

A group, from the Outside World, has begun to invade the city and this is where the fight for the last crystal begins.

Karakter utama:
Codename: Lightning

The world of Final Fantasy 13 is split into two very different parts. One part is a floating, mechanical city called Cocoon, which has also been described as a space colony. Cocoon is home to a few million people. These people of Cocoon are frightened of the other part of the world which is outside of the city, a place called Pulse.

Anyone who comes into contact with Pulse are believed to be part of a plot to invade Cocoon. These people are banished from the protection of the city by the “holy” government and their army. The people in black/blue clothes on the train in the E3 2006 trailer were being quarantined because they had come into contact with Pulse.

In the city of Cocoon, the people are protected by crystals and so can live peacefully. The crystals can create machines and living creatures. The city is even known to have been created by a Crystal.

The director of Final Fantasy 13, Motome Toriyama, has said the relationship between Cocoon and Pulse can be thought of as this: First, there was Pulse, a dangerous world where people reside under the fear of monster attack. Cocoon was made when the crystals considered what would be an appropriate living space for people forced to reside in the world of Pulse.

The crystal has chosen Lightning to bring an end to the world. When she was chosen she became an enemy of the Human Race and was believed to bring destruction to the world.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Main chara:

Name: unpublished yet

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

Main chara:

Name: unpublished yet

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