Friday, December 26, 2008

Latest Suikoden RPG game

I don't know why? Suikoden always makes me happy when play it with my friend, I always play this game at Playstation rental, well that's really weird, are you happy? From Suikoden 1 which is contains old style 2D graphic, with retro game engine, Playstation One ha ha. I always ask to my friend how to finish that mission, how to buy that item, where i go after murder that enemy, and Flik is always my favorite character, and McDohl also has great rune for me. Soul Eater, do you remember this words?

On second game (sequel) flik also available to accompany hero Genkaku in his journey to defeat Luca Bright, hey don't forget a character who always with Flik he's Victor, victor has enough strength to help Hero genkaku defeating Luca.

OMG! Suikoden now in 4th sequel , that's Suikoden V or Suikoden 5, actually Suikoden also has a tactic game titled Suikoden Tactics, let's go to game shop near your house, and buy them all ha ha. Game reviews home.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally I got laptop buying guide

Where we can check the price of every personal computer that you want to buy? Come on don't make yourself look like a stupid guy who know nothing about PC, because you're always asking and asking all item's prices, you need to read the reviews as a buying guide, including laptop computers which become popular in 2008. For this case I recommend computershopper's website to check all computer products specification or maybe their prices, computershopper now covering digital living for the magazine.

Are you gamer? They reviewing many kind laptops with various hardware with powerful desktop processors, big high-res screens, beefy graphics chips, and plenty of memory. Yeah they know what do you want to spend your holidays at home.

They're reviewing about best computer product from some popular brands, includes buying guides, advice pieces and features on related interactive media. Contact 917-326-8700 for more information. Hey they also offer best free software download consist of 45 apps and interesting games.

Friday, December 19, 2008

File registry error

Actually we never get problem when looking for file extensions the windows operating system, if we looking for them on right place. Some websites share windows extensions free, but some share unsatisfied item, and we need the trusted website. View months ago I got problem with the registry, I don't know why error sometimes occurs on this. So where the place that really help us very much? My friend also cannot help me to troubleshooting the registry error. Then my IT teacher at school tell me to looking for file extension that I need to download on and they also offer free advice too.

If you change that extension your file can totally be perceived as a different one by the operating system. That’s the reason these file extension have been hidden in the first place as only experienced person can use it wisely. There are some recent file extensions such as BDRUM1, KMD, LO, WHO, CHURCH, BPK, EUM, ROUT2, METALI, 5SLRDE, PORT4, C01, APV, H--, 1OF2, and many more files formats, and don't forget there are also numerous applications that can process it - read and edit them. To learn more about different weird file extensions and even how to solve any issue associated with them, that site is a database of file extensions as well as information on how to troubleshoot any errors on file registry or on that similar issue.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Games for Sony Ericsson Xperia

What's new on gadget world? That's right! The brand new and coolest gadget nowadays is Sony Ericsson Xperia, do you buy it now,or you have touch your friend's Xperia? hahah.. actually I know nothing about this gadget, so I try to collect information about Xperia especially for the games. I got info from a website (I forgot their URL) that Xperia will be my first Windows Mobile device ever, and they had no idea in regards to gaming on WinMo.

Though there are a couple of games available at Microsoft Total Access and a few other sites, most of them failed to impress. Then they found this site that had tons of games including a couple of really great looking 3D games for windows mobile devices. Hmm great collaboration between SE and Microsoft right? Wanna get Sony Ericsson Xperia games? check this link;

There are The Curse of Monkey Island, Broken Sword 1 & 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Need For Speed, tomb Raider, Call of Duty 2, bobble bubble, and many more.

Disini nih tempat buat download game Xperia. game reviews
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