Friday, December 26, 2008

Latest Suikoden RPG game

I don't know why? Suikoden always makes me happy when play it with my friend, I always play this game at Playstation rental, well that's really weird, are you happy? From Suikoden 1 which is contains old style 2D graphic, with retro game engine, Playstation One ha ha. I always ask to my friend how to finish that mission, how to buy that item, where i go after murder that enemy, and Flik is always my favorite character, and McDohl also has great rune for me. Soul Eater, do you remember this words?

On second game (sequel) flik also available to accompany hero Genkaku in his journey to defeat Luca Bright, hey don't forget a character who always with Flik he's Victor, victor has enough strength to help Hero genkaku defeating Luca.

OMG! Suikoden now in 4th sequel , that's Suikoden V or Suikoden 5, actually Suikoden also has a tactic game titled Suikoden Tactics, let's go to game shop near your house, and buy them all ha ha. Game reviews home.

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