Monday, September 3, 2007

game I ever played

1. Judul : Devil May Cry 3 Dante Awakening
Genre :Action Adventure
Publisher :Capcom

Description:not yet

2. Judul : God of war
Genre: Action adventure
Publisher: SCEI

This game told the bravely and also cruelty of the Spartan warlord who
sacrified his family to get the glory of his race (spartan) He was
Kratos! He also sacrified himself to be Ares slave just to get Blade of
Chaos from the god of war.Subjectively for me this game has a great story
and great arts.
The final enemy bos was Ares itself. At first Ares was Kratos master,
but Hera's advice made Kratos realized he make mistake to be the Ares
slave. Ares was the real character of Greece myth, Kratos is son of Styx and pallas also brother of nike,bia and zelus,Cory Barlog is the GoW producer.
Kratos must defeat all cruel enemies which most of them adapted from
Greece myth, for example medusa which have ability to petrified you and
made you easy to broke only with one hit. also siren,their ability can
losing you and then kill you with their loudly voice.

3. Judul: God of war 2
Genre: Action adventure
Publisher: SCEI

It was the sequel of God of War, Kratos who became the next god of war
disturbed by god of the god Zeus, Zeus jealousy made plan to defeat
Kratos with his olympus sword which absorb Kratos power,level and ability.
After Kratos became weak Zeus try to kill him.
Gameplay of this sequel not too different with GoW but have the brand
new magic.
And don't forget to upgrade your magic and weapon level coz enemy level
also increasing every next place. Not only level,the enemies also
consist of many kind of monsters with their more deathly abilities.

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