Monday, September 24, 2007

6.Title : Resident evil 4
Genre: Action horror
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PS2

The 4th RE series, a game which become hits everywhere, Leon was a US
elite ranger who ordered to find president daughter who kidnapped and
hostaged at somewhere in isolated village with mining site. Leon must
defeat various kind of foes like ugly zombie, village people who going
crazy, giant smelly zombie, giant insect etc.. And you'll be angry when a
big stone rolled by village people pursuit you, then you'll meet much
of traps. Don't worry the cheat would be revealed at my blog soon. I
think this game was the best RE sekuel ever made, have a perfect screamy
atmosphere, and make me fear to play it at night like when I play RE3
view years ago.
Trailer 1 from YouTube

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1 komentar:

Armand Tjogong said...

Filmnya keren abiz. Aq jg numpan ngisi koment, ngebalas koment saudara di blog saya. :)


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