Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Onimusha Dawn of dream

4.Title :Onimusha Dawn of dream
Genre :Action adventure
Platform : PS 2

Story to deploy Oda Nobunaga is main plot of this game, you can
control total 4 heroes to complete the mission, you can use each character
to find the secret of each place.
This game graphic is very impressive I think, and you would think
so after you watch and play it.
At first you will defeat the giant creature who in samurai suit,
the setting is old Edo town. This game most realistic than Onimusha 2
because of this.
You can absorb yellow,green,red and white orb to fulfill gauge
with each orb function. The main hero use big katana and the small one,
his big katana can make him transform to be character like
"tengu" with powerful strength.

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