Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shadow of Colossus

5.Title: Shadow of Colossus
Genre:Action adventure
Platform:PS 2

The original title is "wander & giants", this game take
place on an alternate universe. There was a boy ride the horse want to
heal his friend from the curse, he ordered by holy spirit to defeat giants
called colossus before his wish accomplished, each colossus have
specific ability and form, so you must apply different strategy and tactics
to defeat each of them.
For example the second colossus look like giant
bison,have weaknes on the foot.You can search the weaknes of each
colossus by glowing the sword and scan colossus's body carefuly, be patient
to find the way for attacking their weaknes, don't losing your grip
when you on above colossus. Each colossus stay on different place, every
defeat one of them you will get advice for the next foe.

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