Friday, December 19, 2008

File registry error

Actually we never get problem when looking for file extensions the windows operating system, if we looking for them on right place. Some websites share windows extensions free, but some share unsatisfied item, and we need the trusted website. View months ago I got problem with the registry, I don't know why error sometimes occurs on this. So where the place that really help us very much? My friend also cannot help me to troubleshooting the registry error. Then my IT teacher at school tell me to looking for file extension that I need to download on and they also offer free advice too.

If you change that extension your file can totally be perceived as a different one by the operating system. That’s the reason these file extension have been hidden in the first place as only experienced person can use it wisely. There are some recent file extensions such as BDRUM1, KMD, LO, WHO, CHURCH, BPK, EUM, ROUT2, METALI, 5SLRDE, PORT4, C01, APV, H--, 1OF2, and many more files formats, and don't forget there are also numerous applications that can process it - read and edit them. To learn more about different weird file extensions and even how to solve any issue associated with them, that site is a database of file extensions as well as information on how to troubleshoot any errors on file registry or on that similar issue.

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