Saturday, June 15, 2013

Free Download Skyfire APK

Free download Skyfire APK right here. Skyfire is an alternative browser for Android. The Web browser supports Flash content, provides a tab management function and allows a faster buildup of the page through the use of a proxy server. Via the import function can import all bookmarks from your default browser. Good very fast browser that offers a lot more features than the supplied browser of Android.

After yesterday released an early alpha version of Firefox (Fennec) for Android is there today may be one already for a long time expected browser, but produce in one"version". There is talk of Skyfire, and if you can believe the promo video, the browser in the near future in the Android market should appear, or actually download.

After entering from in the browser takes you to a page where there is a market link, but also the possibility to download Skyfire as APK. Unfortunately does not work both even though it was no fault of an employee, who too soon "out has cut the video and the website", Skyfire should be available in the near future.

Download Skyfire APK here...


The APK can now be downloaded file on

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