Sunday, June 16, 2013

Download HDR Camera APK

Download HDR Camera APK for Android over here. It happens that I want to take a picture, but I can't, because that prevents, street or too dark. But together with Pro HDR Camera "weather conditions will not be a hindrance for you! Because thanks to him the camera independently adapts to the environment. In addition, you get high-quality images to HDR format.

"Pro HDR Camera" Features:
-the application itself performs all the steps, you just need to select your desired angle and press the button;
-provides a guide in which you can choose to display images;
algorithm for aligning pictures, which adjusts the big picture;
-You can adjust the pictures yourself or allow the application to do so;
-Join images into a single function;
-photos are processed, and you continue to shoot;
-built-in Gallery for HDR images;
-ability to share photos across different services.

The testing was performed on such phones as Samsung, HTC and Motorola.

Download a good camera for Android: Pro-HDR-Camera.apk
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Pro HDR Camera
Pro HDR Camera

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