Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Computer and iPhone Games

Yeah I'm a computer game freak? Well, I got good info for all PC gamers nowadays, we can just select a game that you fancy in the internet. As for me, am not really into computer games, well actually I get eye irritation problems when I'm in front of a monitor for an hour and more.

But if there is a chance that I get to play kids computer games, some word games and kids PC games are interesting. What I'm saying is, installing games in your notebook or desktop are fun! Well actually I'd have some in my notebook like iphone games & mac solitaire. All kids and adults now can choose from different types of games to have fun anytime. has these stuff for you. You can browse on their site, I did it yesterday and you can choose from their game menu the one that will make you fun. Absolutely I like their all iphone games.

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