Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OUYA Game Console Review and Specs

OUYA is a video game console, which should appear in March 2013 and cost only $99. The operating system is Android 4.0, as hardware a Tegra 3 SoC is used. Read OUYA Game Console Review and Specs. Kickstarter could collect a record sum of $8.59 million the OUYA project via the crowdsourcing platform.

OUYA has can stir up a lot of dust in the last few months. This may be in part to the very reasonable with $99 scheduled price for the console, but also to the fact that she want to throw many paradigms of classic consoles: State-of-the-art hardware in the OUYA doesn't exist, instead in smartphones and tablets proven technology. The OUYA is no "walled garden" - hardware and eco-system should be open. Most of the games should also be available free of charge through the OUYA's own store - with premium content, which can be purchased in the game. Access to the Google play store does not have in all likelihood OUYA.

Various companies and open source projects already partnered with OUYA going a - Square Enix, who want to port final fantasy 3, XBMC, bring your Media Center on the OUYA, Onlive and its Spielestreaming service, Madfinger (dead trigger, Shadowgun) and probably also Mojang who want to realize Minecraft on the console.

So exciting OUYA is so questionable still, whether the cube-shaped console can undertake. We have listed three reasons in a focus article, why OUYA could become a success and three reasons that militate against the OUYA concept.

Good news for anyone who has hoped the launch of the OUYA console, in Germany. Now, the shapely Kickstarter legend at Amazon Germany is listed and can be pre-ordered for about 120 euros.

OUYA is not only the starting in a spontaneous eruption of joy and the Board with the traditionally taking up contact with the spirit world in US horror films (Tip: let it remain). but also a game console on Android-based, we often have reported us. In the meantime, the Tegra has 3-based Gamingwürfel, who had made a splash at Kickstarter and by definition should be hackable, gained market. This means that the OUYA comes to Germany. Since the last night she can pre-order for 119,99 EUR at Amazon.de and controller.

To a possible market launch in Austria and of Switzerland as well as a date of delivery, we know yet nothing precise. But is that pre-orders are preferably supplied and are likely to include the first lucky ones, which are likely to hold ambitions in hands the Tegra 3 console with Media Center. Amazon promises "Delivery on the release date". Who still doubts may result even our three arguments for a success and the failure of OUYA to heart.

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