Thursday, May 30, 2013

ARCHOS GamePad 8GB price

How much did ARCHOS GamePad 8GB cost? You've got the right blog to know ARCHOS GamePad 8GB price. Just, the ARCHOS GamePad has arrived to my friend, he's the reviewer who directly already briefly available at Archos, but again sold out. The GamePad is only 149 euros and is an attempt by ARCHOS in the Tablet market to continue to succeed, because the nexus 7 and Kindle fire HD a normal manufacturer can keep up with hardly any, at least with regard to the price.

The ARCHOS GamePad 8GB 7" is characterized mainly by a classic gamepad from controls that are attached to the sides. There are 8 buttons and two joysticks. In games such as angry Brids you don't need this of course, because such games are designed from the outset for touch screens. Others, like Super Mario games, the classic in the emulator or newer like GTA Vice City and 3D shooter are classic game controller but much more pleasant.

Some games, like GTA Vice City, work from home with gamepads and thus also the ARCHOS gamepad controls. Archos has developed its own mapping tool for games that are not optimized for this. With the tool, you can set what actions with buttons and joysticks are exercised. This works even surprisingly well!

Apart from the buttons to the game controls, the ARCHOS GamePad is a normal tablet. The screen is 7 inches tall and has a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels, however it does not involves unfortunately an IPS display. Although the perspective from the top and the sides are very good, and this is after all the most important, down, they break off pretty quickly.

The ARCHOS GamePad is a DualCore 1.6 GHz cortex A9 Rockchip processor with the Mali-400MP GPU, both properly power. Of course you cannot compare processor the rock chip with a Tegra 3 or Snapdragon S4 Pro, but the performance is pretty good for the price. As you see in the video, everything ran quite liquid, which is of course also to project butter, because on the GamePad is 4.1 Android installed jelly bean.

ARCHOS GamePad 8GB price:
$179.00 & FREE Shipping on Amazon

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