Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheap Web Hosting for Newbie Blogger

Last 6 months many blogger friends told me that their blog being self hosted at trusted web hosting, they also buy a domain at this web hosting service, but view days ago some of my blogger friends said that their 'trusted web hosting' contact them if this service have a problem in hardware, unfortunately it's happened almost every months. So what must we consider if we looking for web hosting with the best services?

You must ask experienced webmaster how to find best web hosting yeah it's absolutely step you must do because webmaster who well experienced has high knowledge to troubleshooting many troubles about web hosting, including blog hosting. At second if you're a newbie better host your blog at cheap web hosting, why? This is the way you learn about hosting before being a professional webmaster, if you have a enough experienced move your blog to the expensive one, it will offer you many premium services like unlimited web space.

So what you waiting for? when your friends get tons of dollar with their blog, you still obtain money from parents daily just for some funs. Let's make a blog guys.

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