Monday, February 18, 2008

Naruto Playstation 2 game

Title: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 for PS2
Genre:Action adventure
Platform: PS 2

Naruto was a most popular anime title, the popularity throughs all of
entertainment element such as anime, manga, wardrobe style (especially
in Japan), merchandises, action figures, and never forget the
Playstation game, I think Naruto's game which played by my friend on Playstation
2 unsatisfied for myself, it was caused of the graphic, generally I
don't like 3D graphics with anime style for example Dragonball budokai,
this graphic style looks weird for me. But in the story part of this game
makes all gamer feels very enjoy, one of some enjoyable in this game
was useful colectible items like ninja's weapon as kunai, shuriken,
ninja's scroll etc. Collectible fighting styles and more deadly abilities
of each character and family, like kagebunshin for naruto, how much of
his clan formed depend on how much his chakra at that time. Also I like
the mission option concept at menu. Overall I like Naruto game on
playstation 2 console.
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